Mar 21, 2013

Upcycling with Larabar!

I love snack bars! 

Like, love.

But all those snack bars come with a lot of wrappers - and for someone who likes to be conscious of their environmental footprint, that leaves me in a bit of a snack conundrum.


Anywho, LÄRABAR is making snacking earth-friendlier! Their bars, already super good for you (think dates, nuts, and no unhealthy additives!) are now healthy for the earth, too! They've teamed with TerraCycle and their wrappers are now recyclable!

All healthy fats and check out that FIIIIIBBBBEEEERRRR! 

TerraCycle recycles all sorts of hard-to-recycle items (like flip-flops!) and repurposes them into all sorts of things - from recycled park benches to upcycled backpacks. 

Personally, I think an upcycled backpack would be kind of cool...

Anyway, now they're upcycling LÄRABAR wrappers! So now snacking is 100% guilt free - so eat up!

You can participate in the movement on twitter with #larabarupcycle. 

Personally, I make a beeline straight for all their chocolate flavors. 

Yuuuuuuum, sweet indulgence.

The Jocolat chocolate bar is one of my favorites (along with the Jocolat coffee) and the Jocolat hazelnut bar is like solid Nutella.

Yes, please! The LÄRABAR chocolate chip-studded flavors are super decadent, too (though they do have a bit of added sugar, unlike the other bars - but just a bit)!

Aaaaaaaand, April 14 is LÄRABAR's Day of Simplicity - check it out and participate! 

What's your favorite LÄRABAR flavor?

What's your go-to snack?

How often do you eat bars? I eat at least one a day!


  1. I've only ever tried this bar once because they are so hard to find in Canada :) I also think it's great that they teamed up with TerraCycle, because it's true that snack bars generate loads of wrappers! And I've never seen snack bars sold in bulk ;)

  2. I LOVE LARABARS! Especially the jocolats! The chocolate mint is my favorite!

  3. I usually eat these snack bars to get some energy while riding my bike on the weekend! They’re surprisingly tasty and healthy.

  4. I definitely eat AT LEAST one bar a day too. Not only because they're convenient, I just love them! And I never get bored since there are so many different brands and flavors.
    You're probably one of the only other people I've encountered that truly shares and understands my love for bars. haha <3


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