Mar 25, 2013

Vega One Chocolate Covered Bars!

I've recently discovered the awesomeness of Vega, an all-natural vegan food brand that makes foods that are great for nutritional support in a plant-based diet. Some of my favorites from them are their Savi Seeds (sooo good) and Vibrancy snack bars, but their shake mixes also make some pretty killer Vegan Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Surprise Protein Pancakes.

I'll wait while you go make a batch of those - your tastebuds can thank me later.


Waiting at the Doctor's Office

Okay, I'm not going to wait that long.

This news is too exciting!

Vega One Bar

Vega has made a line of CHOCOLATE COVERED meal bars that pack all the great plant nutrition we've come to love from Vega One shakes - it's the Vega One Bar!

The bars come in three dark chocolate-covered flavors: Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Cherry, and Double Chocolate.

All three are absolutely delicious, providing around 250 energy-packed calories per bar, as well as 15g of protein, 6g of fiber, 1 serving of greens, a billion dairy-free probiotics, and a whopping 1.5g of Omega-3 essential fatty acids (hint, hint: those are the ones you want more of to help your brain function optimally)!

My favorite of the three is probably the Chocolate Cherry Bar, though it's hard to choose just one.

The rich dark chocolate goes great with the sweet, chewy cherries (it's not just flavoring, there are plenty of actual dried cherries in the bar), all set against a chocolaty protein bar base that's studded with chia seeds.

Texture and taste are spot on in this chewy 'candy' bar (that's actually as healthy as a well-rounded meal)! Pair with a banana and a glass of almond/soy/rice milk and you have a fabulous quick lunch, if you're too busy to sit down to a full meal.

So I'm giving away a box of the Chocolate Cherry bars to one lucky US-based reader. You have two weeks to enter, until April 8! Good luck!

Yum :)

What's your favorite bar at the moment?

What's your favorite way to get your Omega-3s?

Have you tried the new Vega One bars (or the Vega One shakes)?


  1. I usually take the vega sports bars which look really similar! I'll have to try these at some point they look so good :)

  2. I take Luna bars or homemade bars. These bars look amazing, I will like to try

  3. I usually get my omega-3's with chia seeds....but these look MUCH tastier!!

  4. I usually get my omega-3's with chia seeds....but these look MUCH tastier!!

  5. The vega vanilla almondilla smoothie is awesome! I love their products!!!

  6. MMM. They look really good. I like quest bars and promax bars the best. Though I haven't tried the cookie dough ones they have been advertising the heck out of as of late...

  7. I like the Balance bar Chocolate Mint Cookie.

  8. I would lolve to try the Double Chocolate Bar! :)

  9. These bars look great! Would love to try them.

  10. I dont have a favorite bar, I like to get my omega 3's from fish

  11. Currently loving the Pure Revolution Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Caramel bar.

  12. I love Luna bars and anything with chocolate and protein to help keep me full. These look amazing. To get my Omegas I eat a lot of fish!


  13. My favorite bars right now are the Balance bars and the Pure Protein bars - I get my Omega 3's from Krill Oil supplements and I had not heard of the Vega bars until your post, so thanks!

  14. Wow- these look yummy! I like Luna or Balance bars. I usually take a supplement to get more Omega's.
    emsfsemsfs at gmail dot com

  15. I pick up Luna bars for those days I need to carry something to get thru the day. I take omega3 supplements - and no, I haven't run across these bars to try one

  16. I like luna and clif bars but these look tasty even with the veggies

  17. I like the special K bars.
    Brittney House

  18. I haven't tried these bars but I would love to

  19. my current fav is think thin bars

  20. thanks for share..


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