Mar 20, 2013

WIAW #82: Spring Break!

It's Spring Break, YAAAAAAY!!!

I'm actually heading home today - only for a few days, unfortunately, but it'll still be nice to see my family again. I miss my mom and little sis like the dickens!

Anyway, it's also WIAW time. Yay!

Peas and Crayons
I love Instagram for WIAW, it makes it so much easier than whipping out a camera and trying to get the lighting to cooperate.

Homemade sorbet for the win! It's great on microwave cakes :) is my latest obsession. They get waaaay too much of my money - crispy Fava beans, chocolates by the pounds, granola, dried fruits galore...YUM.

Another total foodie splurge?

I ordered some entrees and desserts from Pure Market Express.

As a poor student, it's not something that I can afford regularly - but it's nice to treat yourself sometimes!

I tried their Spanish Rice for the first time and am obsessed. I think it's the spicy lentil taco 'meat' in it - it's just so good!

This is definitely up there with the desserts as far as my favorite from them. And I still really want to try their ice cream, but I'll have to wait for a real celebration to do that (it's $40 because you can only buy it in a multipack, for shipping reasons I'm sure).

$40 seems like a lot to pay for ice cream - maybe, since it's made from nuts, just a bit will satisfy the craving? That's how it works with their pies (the turtle pie is great, especially the top chocolatey layer - though the caramel is spot on, too). If just a little bit satisfies, then the multipack could last a while and be worth $40.

But that's a bit of an expensive experiment for an undergrad to do, in the case that the ice cream is thin/icy and unsatisfying.

So, in the interim, I'll have to satisfy my sweet tooth for vegan ice cream with some more homemade sorbet.

Or just regular old non-vegan dairy ice cream, when my stomach is feeling sturdy (I'm a wee bit lactose intolerant).

What's your favorite food splurge?

Have you tried any meal delivery services?

What's the most that you would pay for really good ice cream?


  1. Hi, love your blog and attitude to food! It's Definetley healthier than a lot of blogs :) here in Australia we pay 15$ per 500g of vegan organic ice cream. Food- especially organic tends to be outrageously expensive down-under xo


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