Mar 12, 2013

Yawp! Eats Review

Today I have a treat to share with you guys that's from really close to home. I live in the Piedmont area in North Carolina (when I'm not studying my pants off at Harvard) and Yawp! Eats is a food company from Morrisville, NC!

Go Tarheels!

Not the sports team, the state. I know this may be surprising, considering the heated rivalry between Duke and NC State, but I really couldn't care less which team beats the other at whichever sport it is that they like to compete in.


Nathalie Cartier and Rebecca Myers, the health-conscious owners of Yawp! Eats, believe in the power of eating Real Food. They make their bars with nutrient-dense, unprocessed ingredients in a delicious and convenient form perfect for all sorts of snack situations.

Whether you're hiking the Appalachians or trying to integrate a quadratic function, Yawp! bars have the natural nutrition to help you achieve your goals.

There are no carbs, fillers, added sweeteners (not even honey or brown rice syrup or stevia), preservatives, or additives in the bars and they're naturally low barb, high protein, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Everything that's in it is completely recognizable - and it's all stuff you'd want to snack on anyway!

The Naked bar is just whats in that bag, chopped pressed into bar form (plus organic cinnamon and himalayan salt). For the Mocha bar, just add some cocoa powder and coffee! But it's still basically just heart-healthy, steady-energy trail mix as a bar.

The bars 100% vegan and fit into the paleo diet, too, so they're really a great option for a lot of people!

Both flavors, Naked and Mocha, are absolutely delicious. They're nutty and seedy, crunchy and satisfying, sweet enough (from the organic date paste) but not too sweet, and they really let the naturally delicious flavors of the nuts and seeds shine through.

It's a close call, but my favorite is the Mocha bar. The touch of chocolate and the coffee flavor throughout work excellently with the nuts and seeds. It's a delicious pop of energy!

While Yawp! Eats is based in North Carolina, you can find their bars in stores in several states, as well as online.

Do you have a team that you root for passionately?

Do you follow a sport? If so, which one?

Where did you grow up?


  1. I work with Duke and it is so funny when some of the people go off about UNC. March is always difficult depending on how the basketball team is doing. I love finding/trying/loving locally made snacks. This bar sounds delicious.


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