Apr 5, 2013

Friday Foodie Finds: Whole Grains

I'm doing another Friday Foodie Finds today, after skipping a week, because there have been some great new recipes cropping up out there and I'd like to sort them.

So today's post is a recipe round-up of whole grain recipes from around the blogosphere!

cinbread (1 of 1)

This gets bonus points because (a) quinoa is a superfood and packed with protein, (b) it's actually a quick and easy recipe - who would have thought?! 

As a busy college kid, quick and easy scores major points in my book.

PumpkinSquares570 Pumpkin Pie Squares

With fall still a good half a year away (spring just started!) pumpkins and pumpkin pie might just be the last thing on your mind. But if you do happen to still have a can of pumpkin pie in your pantry, I say pumpkin isn't just for Thanksgiving.

These bites are quick, easy, and healthy (sweetened with medjool dates!) and appropriate for any time of the year!

 Now if that doesn't look more delicious than another bowl of oatmeal...

These feature sprouted oat flour and look delicious - chocolate and banana are a pretty winning combination, especially when peanut butter joins the party!

This one isn't blatantly whole grain, but you can easily make it whole grain by using whole grain pasta shells. I tend to prefer those anyway, as they have a nice nuttiness that the regular kind don't!

What's the last new recipe that you tried?

Are you going to try any new recipes this weekend (which ones)?

How often do you try new recipes?


  1. I agree about whole wheat pasta, it tastes better in my opinion! You're right, it does have a nuttiness to it :)

  2. I've always liked whole wheat pasta better than white! I think it's probably because that's what my mom cooked when I was growing up so I was rarely exposed to white pasta. It doesn't have neeeaaarly as much flavor as wheat, in my opinion!

    Those stuffed shells sound amaaaazing!


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