Apr 1, 2013

Is This Real?

I seriously had to ask myself that.

Multiple times.

How could cookies this sweet and this soft and this delicious possibly be so healthy?

I still don't know, but Boundless Nutrition says it's no April Fool's Trick - just their amazing Perfect Fit Protein Cookies!

These are Protein Bakery good for significantly less money. It's $17.88 for a box of twelve (versus $3.50 per cookie from Protein Bakery) but cite similar awesome stats.

Only 150 calories per big cookie, 10g of protein, 4g of fiber, and as many antioxidants as 3 cups of green tea!

All three of them are absolutely delicious and perfect for satisfying any kind of sweet tooth. They're moist and flavorful and soft and delicious.

I definitely prefer soft, rich, indulgent cookies to crispy, crunchy cookies. These are the former! And nuking them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds makes them even better.

Especially the peanut butter cookies - somehow peanut butter cookies are even better when they're soft and warm, with plenty of melty peanut butter chips throughout. After thirty seconds in the microwave, these taste like you just pulled some made-from-scratch peanut butter cookies out of the oven!

There's no weird protein aftertaste, they're virtually indistinguishable from your favorite homemade cookies or mall cookie treats. Except for the nutrition!

All three varieties are delicious, but of the three (chocolate chip, peanut butter, and white chocolate macadamia), the white chocolate macadamia cookies are my favorite.

They're so sweet, full of rich, creamy white chocolate chunks and buttery, nutty macadamia nuts. I'm usually more of a dark chocolate than milk chocolate kind of girl, but these white chocolate macadamia cookies are so good that I forgot all about my usual preferences.

Perfect Fit Protein Cookies are definitely a new favorite for me!

Boundless Nutrition doesn't just make the three Perfect Fit Protein Cookies, but also a variety of Oatmega snack bars!

The bars are gluten-free and chock full of Omega 3 fatty acids (that's the kind that's really important for optimal brain function). They're loaded with protein, just like the cookies, but (as with the cookies) that protein is whey protein (so neither the cookies nor the bars are suitable for vegans).

The bars come in five 100% whole grain varieties - Mocha, Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate Mint, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. Between those chocolate, non-chocolate, and fruity flavors, there's a flavor for every taste preference.

They're chewy, hearty bars and a great size for when you're feeling snack-y between meals, or when you need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

The Mocha and Dark Chocolate Mint are tied for my favorite (who can resist some creamy-licious chocolate)?

True to their name, oats shine in the Oatmega bars. Especially for fans of no-bake oat cookies, these are great!

What's your favorite kind of cookie?

What's your favorite kind of baked good?

Have you tried the Perfect Fit Protein Cookies?


  1. I have never tried them but seriously those stats for a cookie? They certainly have peaked my interest!

  2. Ah! How have I never heard of these?! They look delicious!
    I'm allllll about soft, gooey cookies. I've never been a fan of the crispy/crunchy variety!

  3. Happy Easter and happy belated Birthday, Sabrina! I hope your 21st year in life will be all you're hoping for and more.
    Brownies are my favourite kind of baked good - nothing beats uber-chocolatey fudginess.


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