Apr 6, 2013

It's Tea Time!

There are many great things that we just don't do often enough - lighting candles, having brunch with the girls, spending quality time with our families, wearing our favorite outfits, being grateful for the things that we like about ourselves, and...having tea parties!

It's the weekend, spring is arriving, and the weather is improving. No excuses! It's tea party time.

Tea parties are a great time to break out the cute dresses and wear something cute and fresh.

Tea Time

Mink Pink round sunglasses
$42 - theiconic.com.au

MOR Cosmetics Tea Cup Candle 256g

Tea parties are also a great time to try out some fancy new teas. One of my favorite splurges is Guayaki chocolate tea. And though they're ridiculously overpriced, Yogi teas are also generally pretty delicious!

Seriously, Yogi. $5.99 for 20 tea bags? What do you put in there, flecks of gold?

If it would knock a little off of the price tag, I could go without the canned zen sayings on each tea bag's tag.

While Madelines and Lady's Fingers are classic tea snacks, making your own cucumber sandwiches and scones can be much more delicious and budget friendly!

If you make your snacks yourself, you may even have money left over to get a second box of Yogi tea.

Plus, you can make them just as you like them - like making them crispy and with hummus, like with this (sure to be yummy) Crispy Cucumber Sandwich recipe from PETA.

Now those look even better than the others to me. And I bet you could cut them into triangles if you really wanted to!

Do you actually like the Yogi tea tag sayings?

What's your favorite tea? I appreciate recommendations!

What's your favorite way to celebrate spring?

DISCLAIMER: All photos in this post are from the internet.


  1. I'm in love with that entire outfit. That is so cute. Wow and that cosmetic bag...can I just have it now? LOL. I saved this look too actually. ha ha.

    As far as tea, I'm not a big tea person...well I'm not a tea person at all. So tea that tastes like coffee? Does that count?

  2. I love the idea of tea parties! Sandwiches, tea and company..what more could a girl ask for?!


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