Apr 11, 2013

Oriya Organics Review

I believe it's better to eat natural, whole foods than to eat a lacking diet and fill in the gaps with supplements. I also don't think super foods are necessary for good health.

Sometimes, however, it's tough to get in the nutrition that you're body needs. When you're really busy, or crunched for time, you can find that you're eating the same sorts of foods over and over - and the less variety there is in your diet, the more likely you are to have some nutritional shortcomings.

For such cases, I like having some handy green powder on hand. I tried the Oriya Organics Super Green Medley the other day and really liked that, unlike some of the other green powders, it contains a mix of several different green super foods.

There's spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, and barley grass. A nice combo of green super foods to help you get in some necessary vitamins and minerals in a crunch!

And it's USDA organic :)

I prefer, personally, to use mixes like this instead of vitamins, when I feel like I might not be getting everything I need. I still feel like this is closer to the whole food form, so probably better for me. You can mix it into drinks - I like a scoop in apple juice, it's a fun flavor and turns a cool green!

Oriya Organics also makes a Superfood Protein Medley that combines organic spirulina and organic chlorella.

It's not one of those fancy protein shakes that taste like a banana split or a strawberry shake (it's not sweet at all and definitely better to add to a banana shake then to just have with water). But it's probably one of the healthiest out there. 

You can customize your shake with what you want - I recommend a ripe banana, milk, chocolate chips, and a spoonful of peanut butter. It's reminiscent of a peanut butter cup (but let's not pretend that it tastes exactly like Reese's) but packs great nutrition and, if this doesn't bother you, is a cool green color. 

How often do you use protein powders?

Do you eat any 'super foods?' 

What's your favorite super food, if you've tried any?


  1. The superfood protein medley sounds interesting!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Super Green Medley! I live in Europe and stock up on it when I go to The States! Perfect addition to a green smoothie especially when I cant find fresh wheat grass juice! Thanks for posting!!!


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