Apr 9, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Snarks Some More

The Snarky Stylist is ba-aaack!

*Cue the Saws theme song.*

Today our victim is a Disney Channel cartoon character. For the sake of hilarity and the purposes of this post, we'll pretend that the character is her own entity.

AKA I can snark as much as  I like.


Since I'm of the old-school Disney generation, we'll make over Kim Possible today!

Kim Possible Navigation.png

I understand the need for practical, comfortable clothing when you're juggling saving the world from evil and high school. But those cargo pants are doing her no favors and there are way cuter sneakers out there. 

Also, she could use a better bra. May I introduce you to Victoria's Secret, Kim Possible?

Here's an outfit that will get the job done without giving Joan Rivers more material.
Kim Possible Makeover

$73 - witchery.com.au

High top sneaker

The zipper pockets one these pants are much more flattering (and feminine) than Kim's bulky side-of-leg pockets and the length is fun and youthful. 

The new sneakers have a little style (better than the black canvas shoes she sports otherwise) and even provide a bit of ankle support for scaling walls.

 Now I understand that Kim loves flaunting those abs, but my high school had a dress code. Did she really think no one would notice that half her shirt is missing?

For a crime fighting ensemble that won't get her thrown in detention, a full shirt with one shoulder exposed works way better.

After all, spring/summer 2013 is all about the shoulders.

Lastly, these gloves are less bulky and better for dexterity.

You're welcome, Kim!

Who should I make over next?

Who do you think is the worst dressed cartoon character? The best-dressed?


  1. LOL, this made me laugh. There are some serious celebrities that could use some fashion advice from you. And bloggers...can you do that...though that might be slightly inappropriate. ;)

    1. Haha, I would LOVE to - but it would be so mean if the bloggers hadn't volunteered themselves for the styleover :P If there are any celebrities in particular that you think I ought to style over, though, please tell me!

  2. Cool interpretation! Though Kim can work it now since the military look is such a huge trend these days :) Haha!



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