Apr 10, 2013

WIAW 85: A snack-y day

Happy WIAW!

This month is theme-less (but I'm pretty delinquent when it comes to themes anyway), so I'll share what's actually pretty close to a day's eats (a few are missing, but these are all from one day)!

That's pretty rare for me :P

Missing #1: A granola bar

I woke up early and needed to finish a paper outline for a class before anything else, so I had a granola bar and a mixed berry green smoothie in a bowl (made with a spoonful of Polaner's mixed berry jam for extra yum factor) right off the bat.

Once the outline was finished, my stomach was growling again - and I wanted some sweet beans!

With fruit, some chopped veggies, and a few R.A.W. coconut macaroons - yum.

Missing #2: A chunk of baguette

I was still pretty busy when lunch time rolled around, so I had some (canned) soup with a bit of salad, radishes, and (unpictured) the butt of a baguette with some margarine.

Later, I had a chobani with granola, fruits, nut butter, roasted chickpea snacks (a BUNCH), and an Arctic Zero bar.

Some time later, this happened:

Veggies, fruits, knockoff chocolate toffee 'nutella', and a chocolate Smart for Life protein bar.

A microwave cake in the early evening, with more fruit (wow, this was a very fruit-y day!)...

...and a handful of Heaven Mountain Goji Berries.

They're the Dragon Herbs brand and probably my favorite kind, because they're super plump and flavorful, not dry and wrinkly as goji berries can often be.

But they don't add any sugar or oils to get the berries to be so plump and delicious, so they must just dry them differently.

Whatever they do, it works!

Missing #3: This again (so x2)

Kabocha with walnut butter, a Detour protein bar, and some Brother's All Natural Strawberry Fruit Crisps were the last proper meal. I had that x2.

Missing #3: A Cookie, A Handful of Almonds, and Vanilla Bean Haagen Dazs

That was right before bed - yum!

What's the yummiest thing you've eaten today?

Do you prefer a day of eats for WIAW (like above) or a photodump from the week?

Do you like snacking?


  1. You can really handle some serious snacking :) I also like snacking and my favourites are crackers with cream cheese (usually I dip them straight in the container haha) and I love those yogurt messes like you have with cereal, fruits, nuts It's so yummy and filling!

  2. I love seeing a full day of eats! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone that you can be smart, beautiful, AND have a healthy appetite! Us busy girls have to get our nom on!

  3. I am totally loving your veggie and fruit bowls! Can't ever go wrong with some goji berries either =)

  4. Adrika ChakrabortyApril 10, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    I really enjoy seeing all your favorite snacks! Gives me some ideas :) I would love to see more of the "one day of eats" WIAWs!!

  5. It looks like you got in lots of healthy fruits and vegetables yesterday! I like adding goji berries to oatmeal and granola but the ones I have bought are normally on the dryer side, those really do look nice and plump!

  6. I love seeing a whole day of eats! I've never heard of sweet beans before, but yours look tasty :)

  7. You're sooo much better at remembering to take pictures of your food than me! Seriously, I rarely ever do (hence the reason I don't participate in WIAW haha) Everything looks delicious though! I used to be the type of person that stuck to 3 or 4 square meals per day but now I'm allll about snacks. With my work schedule I rarely have time to sit down for an actual meal!

  8. I didn't know that artic zero made bars! How great is that?! Perhaps I will try ordering some, and soon for that matter, I do love their stuff

  9. Artic Zero has bars?! Where have I been haha? Definitely need to find those :) Sounds like a delicious day of eats. Happy WIAW!

  10. We love that you added Polaner's mixed berry jam to your mixed berry smoothie. When you need to replenish, be sure to download a coupon first: http://www.polanerspreads.com/

    Btw, great photos of all the healthy choices you're making!


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