May 2, 2013

A Super Speedy Pick-Me-Up

I got a super-fun surprise in the mail last week!

QSpeed is a fast melting CoQ10 supplement that comes in two sweet, orange-flavored fast melting tablets per packet. CoQ10 is a supplement that helps with cellular energy production and heart health.

The heart health thing is great, but I'm 20 and female and fairly healthy. I have to admit that really isn't the big draw for me. I was more interested in the energy support part.

I'm pretty energetic as it is, but my lifestyle is super-demanding and I need as much energy as I can get all the time. Especially with final exams coming up, it's great to be able to have a little extra go power.

The tablets are ideal for athletes, as a pre-exercise energy boost (when taken about 20 minutes before the start of exercise), but I was curious if they'd help me with my general energy levels.

As a test, I took two tablets (one packet, with the suggested serving being 1-2 tablets per day) every morning before school for a week.

I didn't see any shocking results, as it is a natural product and not some chemical stimulant, but I do think that I felt a bit more energetic throughout the week and I didn't feel as tired during the mid-afternoon slump or when late-night study sessions passed their normal boundaries and became early, early morning study sessions.

*University problems*

Maybe it's the placebo effect, but maybe not. Even if it is the placebo effect, the tablets taste good (like the orange smarties sugar tablet candies of childhood) and dissolve easily, without water.

Or, if you feel like having a little extra fun with a smoothie, you can drop a tablet or two into any smoothie for a little extra flavor (and nutrition) boost.

Like in this spinach, avocado, banana smoothie!

QSpeed gets a thumbs up from me!

Though they're out of free samples now (pity!) you can still get $10 off of a one-pack with the coupon code SAVE10. Just enter it at checkout!

Do you take any supplements or vitamins?

If so, which ones?

When is your finals period/work crunch (if you're done with school)?


  1. I agree with the "Univeristy problems" haha except mine are still cegep problems ;) I usually make a really weak tea to sip through the afternoon to keep me awake! If I make it too strong then I can't sleep at night

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