May 17, 2013

Fashion Fantasy: Wedding Dresses

I don't feel like writing much today, as my brain is seriously fried from studying chem. Instead, I'll just share some fashion fantasies.

I'm attending my first wedding ever (not my wedding, but it's the first wedding I've ever been to) so what better theme for today's post than drool-worthy wedding dresses?

Since this is a fashion fantasy, reasonability is not a consideration. Even if the dress costs as much as a small house or a college degree, it's going on the list if it's gorgeous.

Drooling over Vera Wang Bridal

And Vera Wang is on this list, too, of course! Isn't she just the queen of bridal couture?

There's the Vera Wang Leah...

And the Vera Wang Laura...

Which happens to be my big sister's name! Lovely dress, no? And she'll probably be the first one to get married, considering that she started dating about 8 years before me, haha. 

Vera Wang Lark
Clearly Vera Wang can do no wrong.

As you can tell, I love huge, flouncy skirts on fairytale dresses.

David's Bridal
So I'm a princess. Sue me.

What's your favorite fashion fantasy?

Do you want a big wedding someday? The honeymoon is more important to me, personally, but I do want a gorgeous dress. How many occasions do you get in your life to wear something so stunning? Unless you're a red-carpet-gracing celeb, of course. That's always an option, too.

Would you consider a wedding dress in a color other than white? I would definitely want a big, white dress!


  1. I love all those wedding gowns. I want a huge wedding and I will go all out on the dress.

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