May 3, 2013

Fit Friday #2: The F Word

For this week's Fit Friday, I'm focusing on healthy fats!

Fats got a pretty bad reputation a few decades ago, during the low-fat craze, but that was more or less replaced by the more recent low-carb crazes.

Ahem, CRAZE. Because it's crazy.

Just eat the bread, silly.

Anyway, fat phobia doesn't seem to be as big of an issue in the blogosphere as carb aversion. And there are a number of good reasons for us all to embrace those healthy fats!

They support optimal brain function and development, heart health, shiny hair, supple skin, twinkling eyes.

Heck, they're better than Maybelline!

And they're a great way to add satiety and flavor to your meals (and snacks).

Some of my favorite healthy fats include peanut butter (or, let's be serious, any kind of nut butter), seeds, nuts, and ice cream (dairy fat isn't the devil, though this one may not be quite as healthy as the others, haha). 

Avocados are also super healthy, as is olive oil, but I'm not as crazy about them. I go through phases where I like them and ones where I really can't be bothered.

If you're looking for some fun new ways to get in those healthy fats, here are some tasty starting points!

Jennifer's Avocado Pasta

Thick and chewy blueberry sunflower seed granola bars | Kitchen Treaty

And while normal dairy ice cream is a fine great part of any healthy diet, there are some wonderful options out there for vegans or people who (like me) are lactose intolerant and (unlike me) don't eat dairy.

And a shameless plug for my own recipe - 

A lot of people give coconut oil a lot of undeserved hate, because of its apparently high saturated fat content. The saturated fat in coconut oil is processed differently than other saturated fats, however, and is not unhealthy!

Coconut oil:

* Strengthens the immune system
* Can positively affect hormones for thyroid and blood sugar control (helping with maintaining a healthy weight)
* May increase metabolism
* Increases energy and endurance levels
* Improves the cholesterol ratio to keep your good cholesterol up and low cholesterol down!

What are your favorite healthy fats?

Have you ever avoided fats?

What do you want next week's Fit Friday to focus on?


  1. I like the idea behind this post. It's a good point to raise!

    My favorite healthy fats are olive oil, coconut oil (which I use in baking), and flaxseed. I love how easy those are to put into almost any recipe!

  2. The only fat that scares me is literally animal fat. If I'm eating chicken or steak and see actual fat it horrifies me!! Not because I'm afraid it will make me fat.. it's just creepy.

    Love coconut oil! I've been using it almost exclusively.

  3. NOM! Peanut Butter is literally my obsession. I loved it when I was little too! I have a spoonful almost every night before bed- no shame!


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