May 10, 2013

Fit Friday #3: Honey

It's Fit Friday time!

Today is also the second-to-last Friday of the semester for me. Next Saturday (May 18) I have my last final exam of the semester in the evening. I'm so ready for my final exams to be over. I have three late next week and am so scared/stressed!

Anyway, today's Fit Friday is a quickie, focusing on a food that gets passed over quite a lot, even though it's awesome.


People often go for artificial sweetener alternatives or stevia to sweeten their foods, because they automatically assume that 0 sugar and 0 calories is healthier than something that's nutritive.


There are a ton of reasons to avoid aspartame, sucralose, etc., including increased risks of cancer, obesity, etc. And even stevia might have some negative health implications, including cancer, fertility issues, and other reproductive complications.

Wouldn't you rather have him/her make your food than a chemist?
Choosing a natural, time-tested sweetener (honey!) is a better option. It's what our bodies are meant to be fueled by!

Honey has a lot of positive health effects, including its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, as well as its immune-boosting abilities (tea with honey when you're sick is no joke).

Further, honey may help prevent cancer and health disease, help reduce symptoms and incidence of gastrointestinal disease and ulcers, may increase athletic performance, and may even help combat hangovers and insomnia!

All the more reason to eat up - or reach for honey as a sweetener next time, instead of an artificial sweetener or stevia!

One of my favorite ways to eat honey is on peanut butter and honey (or soynut butter and honey!) sandwiches.

In case you want some other ideas of ways to enjoy honey, here are some other blogger's favorites!

Coconut Quinoa Granola

Nigella Lawson's Honey Semifreddo

Like I really need another excuse to eat winter squash? #addicted 

I have the oompa loompa palms to prove my love. 

Honey Oatmeal Bread Photo

I think all of these recipes sound absolutely delicious! I can't wait for summer, when I can try them all out (and make up some more). I love getting better at things and baking is so satisfying!

What sweetener do you usually use?

What's your favorite way to eat honey? 

If you'd like to guest post for me this next week, during finals, I would love to hear from you! livinglearningeating AT gmail DOT com


  1. I love honey and you just remind me that I have some nice jars of honey at home! The picture of Nigella Lawson's Honey Semifreddo made me go crazy and I will make it tomorrow for sure!

  2. I looove honey. It's the one thing I alwaaays kept in my diet, even when I was vegan. It's delicious!
    And that honey oatmeal bread...oh my goodness- yum!


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