May 31, 2013

Foodie Friday: Must-Eat Spots in NYC

It's Friday, yay!

Actually, it's summer for me - so every day is the weekend! Ah, summer when you're a student. It's the best, I'm seriously going to miss it when I'm a working adult with a year-round job. But in the interim, I'm going to enjoy the seasonality of my 'career' and the slower, more relaxed pace of the summer months.

This year, I'm in NYC for the summer! I've only been here for a little under two weeks, but I've already eaten my way around the city. My camera has been on the fritz, so I'll use pictures from around the web for this post - but these are all places (and yummy foods) that I've tried myself over these past two weeks and can whole-heartedly recommend!

While this is a list of the highlights from the past two weeks (not a comprehensive list of everywhere that I've eaten, just a best-of to cover all the must-eats) it's definitely not a list of all of the worthwhile places in NYC. There are so many eateries in this city that you could probably eat out at a different place for every single meal every day and still require several years to try them all!

Anyway, here are the ones that I suggest putting on your to-eat list (in no particular order).

1) Dig Inn

Dig Inn was a real favorite last year, when I worked at an ice cream shop in Union Square and needed somewhere quick and reasonably priced to eat.

Not my tray, but I've had many similar ones (though with the chicken swapped out for tofu, beans, etc. depending on the day).

The quality is great, the portions generous, the service quick, the food relatively fresh, and the vegetarian options are plentiful! There's also an emphasis on healthy, sustainable food that I really appreciate.

2) Whole Foods

I don't know if it's just me, but the prepared foods sections in NYC Whole Foods seem better than anywhere else! The sushi is always fresh, the potatoes always crispy, the vegetarian pizza always warm, and the salad bar always stocked with plentiful fun toppings!

I especially enjoy their veggie burgers, falafels, and trying out the various fun grains they have - the wheatberry, quinoa, couscous, and various other grain dishes never fail to satisfy!

3) Maoz Vegetarian

Maoz Vegetarian is as convenient (and almost as easy to find) as any other fast food chain in NYC. I really hope they expand to Boston (and Greensboro!) because the business model is great and the food is tasty!

Sure, the falafel are deep fried - but they come with unlimited toppings from their salad bar and sweet potato fries are an option. It's delicious, convenient, speedy, and budget friendly!

4) Tasti D'Lite

I don't know what it is about their frozen treats, but they're just so yummy! Along with Red Mango, they're one of my favorite desserts.

That's an old photo from a trip to Tasti D'Lite with my mom and little sister two years ago. Mine was (obviously) the biggest cup with the blondie and fruits. Yum!

5) Organic Avenue

Nothing remains to be said, but YUM.

I still have a long summer ahead of me (although it will probably pass too quickly!) so here are some places that I would still really love to try out!

1) Chloe's Fresh Fruit Co

Okay, so I have been to Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co. before. 

But I don't have any pictures! Their creations are always so stunning, and so delicious, that I just need to get some good photos for the blog. Besides, it's definitely been far too long. And you can never have too much soft serve in the summer, especially with such yummy toppings as chocolate, granola, and fruit.

2) Peacefood Cafe

I really want to try Peacefood Cafe's vegetable sushi and the various vegetable dishes they have.

They even serve kabocha! Need I say more? I'm obviously already sold.

3) Chobani

I've obviously eaten Chobani often (as in: all the time - love) but I haven't been to their cafe. I think it's so cool that they have one and it sounds just like my kind of eatery!

The combos (especially the sweet ones) all sound amazing!

But why are all the best eateries in SoHo? Sort of random, no?

4) Rawlicious

I stopped by Rawlicious before they opened early last summer, but haven't been back since.

Their brownies and raw sushi both sound amazing!

5) Lula's Sweet Apothecary

Oh. My. Gosh.

Their sundaes all look to die for and their ice cream is vegan - so I can eat more of it without upsetting my lactose-sensitive stomach!

Where are your favorite places to eat in NYC?

Have you been to any of the places I want to try?

What's your favorite kind of food to eat out? I really love desserts out - especially ice cream/froyo sundaes! And yogurt parfaits, a.k.a. why I need to get to Chobani SoHo ASAP.


  1. Ahh Lulu's is AMAZING! This post is making me miss NYC so much.
    I've been to quite a few of these places- good choices!
    For vegan/vegetarian fair you MUST try Blossom Du'Jour (or Blossom, if you can get a reservation!) and Candle Cafe (the sister restaurant of Candle 79). They're my favorite places in the city!

  2. Hi!
    So, the chobani "cafe" in soho is a madhouse most of the time and about $5 for a small-aka snack. Try the cucumber dill with pita chips and swipe a menu for making your own creations.
    Call before going to lula's! They have weird hours lately and i've been twice when they should have been open and were not.

    Be sure to shop the chinatown groceries for awesome cheap fresh tofu, frozen edamame $1/one lb bag and great produce deals.
    Juice press is $$ and awesome- try the "sweet potato pie" (!!!!)
    Maoz kinda sucks actually.... Taim in noho and west village are best falafel in the city- they won vs bobby flay!
    Look for a groupon for Quintessence (awesome raw vegan cafe in e village), and angelika's kitchen has great reasonable food- the kale salad is amazing amd "thai me up" and walnut lentil pate are favorites
    Enjoy the city this summer!!!


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