May 20, 2013

Happy Millionaire's Day!

Seriously, who comes up with these holidays? I have no idea, but today is Be a Millionaire Day (celebrated every May 20).

In case you feel like celebrating, here are some millionaire-themed desserts to share with your friends! Suggested party activities include pining over the great travel you'd do and beautiful couture you'd wear if you actually were a millionaire. Travis McCoy's Billionaire is appropriate party music today, even though he overshoots the day a bit.

There's nothing wrong with being zealous.

Erika's Missouri Millionaires (GF)

These are actually a yuletide dessert, but you can feel free to be the Christmas-in-July folks to the punch this year, with your own Christmas in May. Why can't Christmas be every day?

That would actually be pretty perfect...

Mr. Food's Millionaire Pie

 Millionaire's Pie

London Bakes' Billionaire's Shortbread

This one is for all the zealots out there, for whom being a millionaire just isn't lofty enough of a goal. Fun fact: it's known as Caramel Slice in Australia, but B(m)illionaire's Shortbread everywhere else.

Whatever you call it, it looks delicious!

Is anyone else sensing a theme here? I guess millionaires tend to love caramel?

A Zesty Bite's Millionaire Brownies

It's a zillion degrees here in NYC today (yhee!!! yaya, NYC! even if it's wicked hot) but I'm seriously contemplating turning on the oven, anyway, just to make a batch of these. Seriously, they look just like the sort of ultra-fudgy brownies that I love. I'm not much of a cake person at all (I don't like the fluffy, airy texture) but stick-to-your-front-teeth brownies get me every time! Especially with vanilla ice cream and nuts.

Both of which I happen to have...

So tempted.

Have you ever heard of Be A Millionaire Day?

How would you celebrate?

What's the oddest holiday you've ever heard of?


  1. All of the different holidays crack me up. Like, who decided what and when they would be??
    PS: Those brownies look like heaven. I'm contemplating turning on my oven to make them too!

  2. I'm not a millionaire, but I hope one day we can celebrate this invented holiday in a proper manner: on a nice luxurious resort, eating gourmet healthy food and enjoying a nice spa - that's my suggestion for spending our millions! :)

  3. Bummer, missed this day.... Stopping by from Adventure into Domesticland hop.


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