May 30, 2013

ohso Yummy!

Probiotics are all the rage - they're the healthy bacteria found in yogurt that can help your natural gut bacteria do its job, keeping your tummy happy! I love yogurt, but not everyone does. So isn't it great that you can get probiotics from chocolate, too?

Most chocolate does not contain probiotics, before you get too excited. This isn't an excuse to run to the cornershop and stock up on Reese's (though you really don't need a justification for that - the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is enough).

It turns out that the Brits have more than just super cool accents to offer - they have some pretty great snacking ideas! ohso is a brand of chocolate that currently comes in two varieties, plain and chocolate orange, of 53% Belgian chocolate with over a billion healthy, gut-friendly bacteria per little 72 calorie bar!

Such a small treat fits into any daily diet and it's also gluten-free, wheat-free, nut-free, and dairy-free. Those with allergies and special diets can enjoy the bars as much as anyone else!

The bars are really cute.

They're like a normal chocolate bar, but shrunk down to a fraction of its size! For scale, here's the bar next to a regular pen.

If you like munchkins just because they're mini-doughnuts, or cupcakes just because they're mini-cakes, you'll really like these.

But that's not reason enough for me to like these. I like them because they're creamy, sweet (but not excessively so), and melt in your mouth - absolute chocolate bliss. Though both bars are dark chocolate, 53% is still quite mild and even those who are new to dark chocolate, or tend to prefer milk chocolate, can enjoy these bars.

My favorite is definitely the chocolate orange variety, though I enjoyed both a lot.

The orange flavor is, again, strong enough but not excessive. The chocolate is creamy and smooth and the tartness of the orange cuts the sweet, creamy chocolate is a delightful way.

It's rich and indulgent and definitely one of the yummier ways to keep your gut healthy!

Have you heard of ohso chocolate?

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

What is your favorite food movie? Examples include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ratatouille, etc.


  1. I've never heard of these before, but it sounds like a good idea! I used to not like dark chocolate.. but now I have no idea why because I'm obsessed!


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