May 12, 2013

Sweet Suits for the Summer!

My trouble is not buying too many swimsuits.

They're cute, they're portable, they're summery, and they remind us of good times. The ultimate summer fashion collectable?

But seriously, my sister has upwards of twenty pairs and it's a little ridiculous.

I have to be careful not to get that carried away!

My budget won't appreciate it if I do go swimsuit crazy. But if you happen to be looking for a swimsuit this season, here are some cute ones that I've found (but not bought, don't worry).

$17.15 Hollister Co Brooks Street Swim Co. 

For us flat-chested girls, this style of bikini is an absolute godsend.

Maybe I could use just one more suit. It is on sale.

NO! Must. Resist. Gooooooorgeous swimsuit....

It also comes in white, but that can get skanky really quickly. You know, if you plan on actually swimming. In water. Hint: water is kind of wet.


I'm not at all a Kardashian fan (and I think their mom is beyond bonkers) but this bikini is beyond cute.

Can I love it and we say I don't?

Anyway, it's highly unlikely that they actually design the suits in their line.

What a fun cut!

$29.99 Target Junior's Smoked Monokini - Coral

I've never had a monokini, but I've sort of wanted one for a while. But it can be so hard to find a cute one!

This one from target is not only tres adorable, but it also has lovely ruffled detailing on the bust, to create the allusion of curves. Monokinis are often cut in a super unflattering way for flat-chested girls (think: pancake chest) but this one is adorable!

$118.99 ModCloth Cutie Pie Picnic Two Piece

If Katy Perry is your style icon, you love standing out on the shore, and you've stashed away a little extra babysitting cash, this suit is super cute! I love the bow details and the top is, again, flattering for smaller chested girls (while simultaneously providing support for the bustier ones among us).

It's a cute, flirty suit that will make for mile-long legs - and the high waist is a little more forgiving. Perfect for visiting Carolina Beach in Wilmington, NC!

There's this absolutely amazing ice cream shop on the pier there, with enormous scoops of ridiculously, impossibly delicious premium ice cream, and this suit won't give away that you've indulged in a few scoops of praline crunch and Butterfinger Blast.


Kardashian sisters - yay, nay, or can't be bothered?

What do you think of celebrity fashion lines?

What's your favorite beach?


  1. Love the volcom one, and the kardashian one is really cute ^^
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