May 21, 2013

The Snarky Stylist: How to Wear Orange

Whenever I go to Germany or live in Boston/New York, the same thing always strikes me - people in the northern latitudes just don't do color!

I mean, yes, there are the various shades of navy, black, and gray - you have your rainy-day gray, your interview navy, your sullen charcoal, your mysterious onyx, etc.

But it all comes from a small one millimeter slice of the color wheel and, let's be real, not even the pretty part.

But since not everyone likes pink and (for some very odd reason) not everyone wants to prance around in full-on Disney Princess mode, here's a fun fashion alternative - orange!

Remember that moment in Legally Blond where orange was supposedly the new pink?

Didn't believe it for a second. It's just not true, orange can't achieve that same level of fabulous. But orange can be cute!


Versace bright colored dress

Yves saint laurent handbag

Reeds Jewelers white jewelry

LancĂ´me voluminous mascara
$30 -



My advice for pulling off orange is to accent with white (or possibly another light, simple color) instead of with more orange, another bright color, or even a darker color (like black. Or gray).

Please don't do a shades of orange outfit - you'll just look like the fruit.

What do you think is the hardest color to wear?

What sorts of colors are most fashionable where you live?

If you could have one Disney Princess's wardrobe, which one would you want?


  1. I love everything in this post especially the wedges!

  2. I really love that gorgeous dress...I think yellow is the hardest color for me to wear.


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