Jun 20, 2013

Dream Destination: Gamirasu Cave Hotel

In a lot of cases, you travel for the sake of the destination (or the journey, in the case of cruise ships). But some hotels are interesting enough to travel to just for the sake of the hotel!

Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey is one of those!

Most beautiful in the winter, this hotel is a fantasy for anyone whose childhood involved a lot of Tolkien and other fantastical stories with caves, trolls, and magic. This hotel is literally composed of caves!

Imagine the dreams you would have in these rooms! They're gorgeous and I'd love to stay here sometime, if only for a night to experience it. My only concern is the lighting inside - the photographs look like it might be rather dim inside. Would it be dank at all?

There are also dining options in the hotel.


That spread looks pretty delicious to me! 

The restaurant uses organic ingredients and serves breakfast as an ample buffet (shown above - the cream is from the owner's cow!). 

Dinner is served in the traditional Cappadocian way, with six courses. 

They're always sure to include several vegetarian options!

When you're not eating, sleeping, or basking in the magic of the fairytale hotel, there are a nice variety of activities available. 

You can enjoy spa services, take a yoga class, enjoy massage therapy, watch the Whirling Dhervishes dance, take a course in Turkish cuisine, and even participate in some of the agricultural activities, like harvesting the restaurant's food, drying apricots, and making wine!

Boredom certainly doesn't seem to be a risk here!

What's the coolest hotel concept you've ever heard of?

What's one hotel that you've never been to, but would like to?

What's your favorite hotel, from all of the ones you've ever stayed in?

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