Jun 7, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Five!

I'm still riding high on summer happiness!

Will it ever wear off?

Probably not until September, when school starts again!

Since it's summer, it doesn't really matter (at least not to me) that it's Friday. Still, what better day to celebrate the fabulosity that is life?

In honor of Friday and the weekend, here are this Friday's fabulous five - five things that make today (and other days) fabulous!

1) NYC is full of all sorts of frozen treats.

Not mine (yet) from Holey Cream
Frozen yogurt, ice cream, vegan ice cream, frozen bananas, soft serve, hard hand dipped, ice cream stuffed doughnuts - any kind of icy sweet treat that you could want! And the best part? A lot of them even deliver!

2) The NYC Public Library system. 

It has tons of great fiction titles and allows 15 holds at a time, to be requested for pickup at any of their libraries!

3) Summer means more fashion freedom and more time to put together cute outfits!

4) Apples.

Recycled photo. Yum.
5) Apple.
I can't believe I was a PC girl only five years ago. Luckily, I have grown to see the errors of my ways.

What are your Fab Five?

What are you up to this weekend?

What is your favorite frozen treat?


  1. Are you in NYC now? I wish we had gone at the same time...you could found all the good food for me LOL. Touring with my brother was certainly not the same thing.

    My favorite aspect of summer right now is honestly just how much warmer it is. Upstate NY was still cold when I left.

    1. I am! All summer :) NYC with fellow foodies is always so much more fun!


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