Jun 24, 2013

From the Aussies: Body Sciences Bars & Bites!

The Australians have a lot of healthy behaviors - with their lovely weather, there's a lot of emphasis on fresh fruits and being outside, whether it's lying on the beach or being active (just don't forget your sunscreen)! They also have some great healthy snacks.

Body Science is an Australian company that makes some great high protein snacks - like low carb bars and bites formulated just for women!

They sent me some of their Lo-Carb Bites and Lo-Carb Bars to women to try.

The bars come in two flavors, Swiss Chocolate (now if that doesn't indicate a winner, I don't know what does) and Lemon Meringue.

The bars are pretty small, so they're definitely just intended for a snack. Then again, a snack is generally thought to be something small to tide you over until the next meal - it doesn't necessarily need to be big enough to almost be a meal of its own.

For such small bars, they were pretty satisfying.  Since they're smaller they were also lighter than bigger bars, with just under 150 calories each. Paired with a yogurt cup, I thought a bar made an excellent mid-afternoon snack and did its job of keeping my stomach quiet until dinner time.

The Swiss Chocolate bars were tasty (though you won't confuse them with Lindt) but the Lemon Meringue bars were the real pleasant surprise. I really wasn't expecting much of these, because I tend not to like fruity flavored bars as much, but these were great!

The bars were sweet, but not too sweet, and the nice chewy nougat-y texture of the bar paired with the  sweet-tart lemon flavor really reminded me more of a lemon meringue bar. 

The bites also come in two flavors, albeit different ones : Swiss Chocolate (okay, not that different) and Strawberry and Cream.

Again, I enjoyed the Swiss Chocolate flavor.

But the bites, unlike the bars, weren't solid chocolate!
But the Strawberry and Cream bites were the surprise delight!

If you like creamy vanilla/sugar cookie dough with a strawberry surprise center, you'll love these.

I'm not sure if there's a US version of the protein bites, because I hadn't had a similar kind of snack before. They're like cookie dough balls and, similarly, taste best cooled. Out of the fridge is tasty and out of the freezer is even better!

There are a generous handful of bites in a bag and one packet has 231 calories. It's the right amount for a nice protein-packed snack (20g of protein in one serving!) and, like the bars, the snack is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

There are also only 2g of sugar per serving (1 packet = 1 serving) which definitely beats cookie dough!

Not that normal cookie dough isn't an essential part of a healthy diet (it totally is) but this is a great option when you're looking for something nutritious that you can rely on as a daily snack.

Have you tried protein bites before?

Do you tend to prefer chocolaty or fruity flavors?

Have you ever been to Australia?


  1. Gosh I wish I could go to Australia. Those look yummy! I am a sucker for snack bars, hence why I can never make it out of the grocery without buying a couple. I gravitate towards chocolatey flavors for sure; I looove fruit but I don't tend to like fruit flavored things.

    1. I wish I could go to Australia, too! I've never been, but it sounds lovely :) You can get these online, though, you don't need to go to Australia for them! I'm a total sucker for bars, too, especially the chocolatey ones :)


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