Jun 23, 2013

Hot Topic: Pricing Out Vacations

There's no doubt that travel is a luxury, specially in our society. Different cultures value travel differently (ex: many Germans consider it almost essential to good quality of life to go on vacation at least once a year), but travel is always an indulgence.

But is it becoming unattainably decadent?

Like airlines, Disney has recently increased its prices.

A one-day Magic Your Way with Park Hopper & Water Park Fun & More ticket will now cost you $174 per adult (anyone 10+ years old) and $169 for kids under 10. The cheapest option, a one day Magic Kingdom ticket, is $95 for 10+ and $89 for under 10.

That's $380 for just one day's park tickets for the average American family of two parents and two pre-teens. All before you even factor in food, drinks, souvenirs, hotel, travel, etc.!

Disney isn't alone in this, travel prices everywhere are increasing. But does this mean vacations are being priced out of the reach of middle class American families? Are you going to have to have two doctors in the family just to kick back and relax for a few days a year?

Not my mom. And, unfortunately, that doesn't mean money trees are real.

I'm obviously obsessed with travel, so the ever-increasing costs of travel are dismaying to me. Travel is wonderful, it shouldn't be so exclusive!



  1. disney is always a dream! :)



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