Jun 28, 2013

Just Pure Foods Kale-Nola Review + GIVEAWAY!

I love granola and have recently discovered that kalenolas are a fun way to mix things up.

Just Pure Foods sent me both of their Kale-Nola to try! They have a Maple Cranberry Kale-Nola and a Chocolate Kale-Nola.

I was happy to see that, while there was a good handful or so of crumbly stuff in the bottom of the bag, the kale-nola actually came in mostly big pieces - really big ones!

I love when there are big chunks of kale-nola or granola, because then it's great for eating out of the bag when you want a handy snack.

And they're a very healthy snack, too! Plenty of healthy fats from the seeds, whole grains from the sprouted buckwheat, and natural sugars from agave and coconut palm sugar.

Since they're low-temperature dried, I think they probably work for most raw foodists, too.

The Maple Cranberry Kale-Nola was delicious.

There were plenty of dried cranberries and the granola was sweet enough without having an overwhelming maple flavor.

But my favorite was the Chocolate Kale-Nola - of course!

It was like Kalenola with chocolate melted over and solidified - so good. A super chocolatey trail mix-reminiscent treat!

You can eat the Kale-Nola by itself, with yogurt, on ice cream (especially the Chocolate Kale-Nola, it really is dessert-worthy), or with any type of milk.

Do you want to try the Kale-Nolas yourself (or any of Just Pure Foods other healthy snacks, like Onion Rings, Kale Chips, and Zucchini Chips)? Just Pure Foods will send one lucky Living, Learning, Eating reader 5 free products of their choice!

The giveaway stays open for two weeks, US readers enter below!

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