Jun 15, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Steps In: Heels

Have you ever seen an accessory that's just so extreme that you wonder what sort of outfit could possibly go with it?

I feel that way all the time, whenever I see a pair of really intense heels. You know the sort - the kind of platform pumps that Charlotte Russe seems to specialize in.

Charlotte Russe's heels aren't all that tacky or stripper-esque, thank goodness, but you get the gist (that pair isn't actually from Charlotte Russe, but I linked to a pair of theirs above and the heels in the outfit I created, below, are from Charlotte Russe).

How do you wear platform pumps without being offered twenties on the street corner?

Answer: It's tricky, but definitely possible.

Platform Pumps

Mini skirt dress

$525 - alannahhill.com.au

Charlotte Russe platform shoes

Ted Baker evening clutch
$115 - tedbaker.com

ALDO imitation jewelry

Coil bracelet

Guerlain bronzing powder

The key is to go classy with the rest of your outfit and not to choose a skirt that's too short. Don't go overboard on make up and don't show cleavage!

Period. No cleavage. I don't care if you're wearing slacks, cleavage takes the look over into the trashy zone.

Luckily for me, this isn't really an issue for me. I can't walk in shoes like that.

What's the highest pair of heels you own?

Do you like platform pumps?

Where is your favorite place to buy shoes?


  1. I honestly think any shoe can be a stripper shoe or a classy shoe. I really think it is what you pair it with personally. :-)

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