Jun 10, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Steps In: LSAT Fashion

I'm taking the LSAT today! Is anyone else taking it, too?

Despite my peppy punctuation,  I'm not as enthusiastic as I might seem. It's a loooooong test and I prefer shorter tests.

Or no tests. No tests is best.

Still, what must be done will be done - and then it will be over! Other than preparing (I didn't really), sleeping well and eating well, dressing for the occasion is another way to make the testing process as painless as possible.

LSAT Style


Junk Food Clothing party tank

Harem pants

H&m sandals
$20 - hm.com

Nail rock
$11 - motelrocks.com

I personally prefer wearing pants of some sort on exam days, rather than skirts, because then I can sit however I want without any worry about my decency. Alternately, I like loose dresses with longer skirts.

What I do not like is anything tight - I don't want to feel my clothing or think about it when I'm supposed to be kicking an exam's butt! That's what I really like about these pants. Yes, the baggy crotch (aka: full diaper) pants are a bit of a daring style, but you can definitely get away with it in an exam.

I can even show up to an exam in sweat pants. First and foremost, exam fashion is about comfort. Style can wait for the post-exam celebration! I like this tank, because it reminds us that fun times are ahead. Same with the glitter nails and the fun accessories - those little things can help (or at least not hurt) with some of the testing anxiety.

If you're testing today, too, good luck!

What's the biggest test you've ever taken?

Have you ever taken the LSAT, GMAT, or MCAT?

What do you wear to exams?


  1. the bag!!! I want that! hahha


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