Jun 30, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Steps In: Studded Shorts

Possibly due, at least in part, to the punk-rock fashion leanings of celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, studs are appearing on everything. Studded shoes, bracelets, and so on have been popular for a while, but designers aren't stopping there.

Studs + summer = studded shorts!

It's really not as intimidating a fashion trend as it might appear to be and it's not as hard to pull off, either!

Here's an example of a cute way to wear studded shorts.
Studded Shorts

Chiffon blouse
$15 - fashionunion.com

Mink pink
$20 - spoiledbrat.co.uk

White flat

Forever New charm bracelet
$19 - forevernew.com.au

Carolina Bucci rose gold earrings
$375 - avenue32.com

Cat eye makeup

Lip gloss

Anyone can wear them, you don't have to be a punk rocker or look like the kid you cross the street to avoid! 

Can you tell that I love stacked bracelets? They're in most of my outfit combos! 

Also, those shoes? So adorable.

Do you have studded shorts?

Would you wear studded shorts?

What trend do you hope will happen next?


  1. Those shorts are cure but I don't think that I could pull them off.


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