Jun 8, 2013

The Snarky Stylist Steps In: Traveling Comfortably

Today's post is a quick fashion post for those of you who are lucky enough to fly this summer!

There can be a lot of temperature changes when you're moving between airport, airplane, taxis, buses, and your departure and arrival destinations. Layering is key!

I also tend to advise against leggings type pants (their tights, not pants) but traveling is the exception. You want something that's comfy and will stretch with you if you have a little swelling mid-flight (the changes in pressure can definitely cause that) but you don't want to look like you're headed to the gym.

So sweat pants? Probably out. But leggings in a cute print (also great for camouflaging any little spills that occur while traveling) are a do.

Scotch Soda tie top
$72 - scotch-soda.com

Knit top
$26 - iclothing.ie

Dorothy Perkins printed pants

Vivienne Westwood resin jewelry

SELECTED select jewelry
$38 - nelly.com

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
$255 - nelly.com

Tech accessory

Agent Ninetynine slouch beanie
$19 - generalpants.com.au

LancĂ´me voluminous mascara
$33 - debenhams.com

Definitely stay away from white when you're traveling, unless you're the queen of clean and only traveling with equally impeccable travelers.

And high heels? You can wear those 364 other days of the year, leave them in your luggage for now. If you must wear heels, don't forget your Dr. Scholl's inserts and a pair of comfy flats in your carry on, for when common sense sets in.

A comfy, slouchy hat is great for if you get a bit chilly mid-flight. A lot of body heat escapes through your head, so it's an easy way to stay warm - and it's also really easy to take off! Don't forget sunglasses, either. It could be really sunny where you're headed, if you're lucky!

Stay away from real metal jewelry, to avoid hassle at TSA, and lay off the perfume. You don't want to be that girl on the plane! Same goes for nail polish - make sure that you apply it before the flight, not during the flight!

Oh, and my last tip - go easy on the eye makeup. Especially if you have a longer flight, your makeup probably won't look the same when you wake up as when you first get on the plane.

What do you wear when traveling?

Are you traveling anywhere this summer?

What is your favorite mode of transportation for travel?


  1. lovely outfit! :)))

  2. This Summer I doubt I will have a holiday as I am totally broke :( but I can't complain as I had two holidays last year, one to Venice and one to India, I felt very lucky.


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