Jun 27, 2013

Vegan Cuts Subscription Box Review!

I love subscription boxes.

Trying new things is always really fun and subscription boxes take some of the financial risk out of trying new things. For a set price ($19.95 per month, in the case of Vegan Cuts)  you get to try a variety of new products without having to pay as much as it would cost to buy full size boxes of each snack.

Vegan Cuts is specially developed for vegans, but is great for anyone - the snacks are wholesome and healthy, but not at the cost of taste!

This is what the June box consisted of:

Vegan Cuts had a great mix of snacks - there's something for everyone! That's one of the things that makes a well-chosen subscription box a great gift option (hint hint, haha).

For the salty snack lovers, these Beanfields chips are a real treat! With lots of fiber and protein, they're a healthy snack that satisfies much better than the standard potato chip alternative.

Though the Sweet Cinnamon Good Bean roasted chickpeas aren't exactly a 'salty' treat, they're crunchy in a way that'll help satisfy that craving.

I love apple chips and the Snapz - made of just apples, cinnamon, and a squeeze of lemon juice - didn't disappoint!

 They were crisp and sweet and delightful.

I also love baked goods, so these vegan treats were great! The Earnest Eats baked whole food bar isn't quite a brownie - it's more like a super chocolatey oat cake. Yum! 

The Michy's Vegan Cran Rustica cookie also was very flavorful and moist, you wouldn't guess that it was vegan, and hearty from the whole oats.

I haven't tried this vegan parmesan style-topping from Go Veggie yet, but it's intriguing. It's made with coconut oil and soy and is shelf-stable until opened (then you should store it in the fridge). It's also a great example of what I like about these boxes. I don't think I would have tried something like the on my own, since I hadn't heard of it before!

I was pleased to see a packet of MacroGreens drink mix, as I've tried mixes from the company before and really enjoyed them.

There was also a flavored water mix, Ultima, that tasted great and was sweetened with stevia and enriched with vitamins and electrolytes. I enjoyed it and would pick up more if I saw it in a store!

The Salba Chia Seeds have more nutrients than regular chia seeds (I don't know how, but I'm sure you could check out their website). A one serving packet to try it is great and it came with a coupon for more, in case you enjoy it!

There was multiple coupons, including one for a free jug of almond milk! Coupons are great and completely free ones are the best.

I really enjoyed the mix of treats in the June Vegan Cuts Snackbox and the best part is that you can cancel at any time, so there's no risk!

Do you use a subscription snack service?

Which of the snacks looks best to you?

Have you tried any of the products above?


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