Jun 18, 2013

What do on July 4 in NYC!

It's still a few weeks away, but people are already starting to plan for July 4!

Some are lucky enough to spend Independence Day on a beach, but a lot of us are staying in the City either for budget or crowd reasons - NYC is sure to be packed, as always, but the beaches might be even worse that weekend!If you're stuck in the City for July 4, don't be too disappointed. There are plenty of things to do right here!

In case you need a few ideas, here are some relatively budget-friendly suggestions:

Visit the Statue of Liberty! 

Free The Statue of Liberty HD Wallpaper

It's been closed since October 2011 for renovation, and then to repair Hurricane Sandy damage, but it reopens this Independence Day!

If you're crowd-shy, I'd recommend avoiding this attraction, but otherwise it's a decent option. A ferry ticket will cost you only $12 (children 4-12 pay only $5, children under 4 ride for free) and you can go up into the crown!

The attraction now boasts improved wheelchair accessibility, shallower steps inside the statue, and a new A/C system.

Have a barbecue with friends

Funny man showing how to light the BBQ grill for Labor Day: free humorous clip art for Labor Day, silly fellow has a hilarious explosive barbecue fire lighting technique you won’t want to try; click for a larger printable copyright royalty free version of this comic backyard barbecue chef showing the way to light your barbecue grills fire for the holidays.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone can bring something, potluck style, so that the burden of expense isn't all on one person. And you have two weeks to make at least one friend who knows how to do the actual barbecuing!

Take a Revolutionary Walking Tour of the City!

New York Historic Walking Tour Patriot Tours

You can walk around the City and learn about historical events shaping the development of our nation for only $20/hour/person (for 4 people) and $10/additional person. Gather a big group of friends and it gets cheaper per person! And more fun :)

Watch the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks!

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks

End the day by finding a nice spot along the Hudson to watch the fireworks - it's free and there are 40,000 fireworks in the 25 minute show. If you're in NYC, you may as well enjoy uniquely New York experiences like this!

What are your July 4 plans?

Do you like museums? I actually really do!

Are you a fireworks fan?

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