Jun 4, 2013

You Know You're On A Budget When...

I imagine that many of you, like me, are on a budget. And who doesn't love a good laugh? It's one of the cheapest things you can do for your health! So, without further ado:

You Know You're On A Budget When...

1) You've stopped checking expiration dates and started going by expiration smells.

2) You plan outings that cost money (including 'spontaneous Saturday') ahead of time. If you planned your spontaneous day, does it still count?

You know your limits.

3) You roll deep (in coupons).

4) The cashiers try to look busy when they see you headed their way.

5) Your Captain Crunch is Crisp Crunch. And it tastes every bit as good.

6) You haven't payed full price since back when you had a curfew. You've become more sensible now that Mommy and Daddy aren't bankrolling your life.

Well, a little more sensible.

7) You thought about moving closer to campus/work - for two seconds. Then you saw the rent.

What It's Like Apartment Hunting In NYC

8) You go to reunions and work events solely for the free food.

What It's Like Apartment Hunting In NYC

9) You've become Ms. Fix It. Duct tape is magical.

And get real creative with home improvement.

10) You're not scared of being robbed. Lock my door? What?

You've developed a great sense of humor.

But guys, you're never broke enough for this. Please, let's have some boundaries somewhere.

You know you're broke, but you also know the difference between being thrifty and being crazy.

Not poisoning dinner guests seems as good a place as any to draw the line.

Do you have one to add?

What are your best budget tips?

What's the most creative way you've ever saved money? It's okay if it's silly or dumb! 


  1. I am so on a budget right now. If you wanted to start more of these posts and teach me the ways I would not complain.

    I am just trying to get into couponing now. Though they never have the food I need or want. I feel like a lot of people use that excuse of why they don't coupon now that I type it out.

    1. That's a good idea, I'll put together some more serious tips :) I love couponing, but you definitely need to have flexibility. It doesn't work if you know that you want exactly that one of that one flavor of yogurt, or whatever. But I just tell myself that it's a way to try new things! Haha :)

  2. Hahaha :D
    I'm waiting for strawberries to come in season, because 3,99€/pound is soo expensive! And local produce tastes always better ;)

  3. LOL!!! Awesome. This made my day.

  4. How about, you know you're on a budget when you spend more than an hour a day entering sweepstakes/giveaways for food and money. :)

    1. Haha, I'll try to get some more for you soon. Any requests? And have you entered mine for Wallaby's organic greek yogurt yet (there will be 3 winners)?

  5. Hahaha I relate to these so much.
    I would add: you go to the clearance section before any other section. I always do this, without fail!

  6. Hahahaha I'm literally laughing out loud. This is my life.
    Also- whenever I go shopping (for food, clothes, ANYTHING) I walk through the store and grab a bunch of stuff then, as I approach the register, I'm hit with anxiety and I wind up putting half of the stuff back. haha.


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