Jul 19, 2013

Guest Post: Perfect Party Planning

Just in time for the weekend, here's a guest post from Kristin Lynn Steward - how to plan the perfect summer party! Enjoy!

How to plan the perfect summer party
To me, the summer is all about having parties. It doesn’t matter if it is a birthday or just a “hey, what are you doing later?” kind of day – parties and summer just go together!
My neighbors and I look forward to the summer every year because we can get out and enjoy each other’s company after being stuck inside all winter. Our favorite part about having a party during the summer is playing lawn games, and for me that’s bocce. If you aren’t familiar, a small ball called a jack (or pallino if you are familiar with the classic Italian lawn bowling game) is rolled to the opposite end of the lawn from where you are – usually about 15 feet or so. This game is usually played between two teams. Each team then takes turns bowling their ball as close to the jack as possible. Whichever team gets closest to the jack is awarded a point.
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Now I grew up playing bocce, so there are plenty of strategies you can take in an attempt to win including trying to hit the other team’s ball away from the jack! Bocce, as well as other lawn games, can be a great way to get everyone up out of their chairs and socializing. Bocce can be a lot of fun and is perfect for a summer party! St. Pierre is a premium gaming brand that is made in the USA and their bocce sets are top notch.
If you are going to have a more formal party than just grabbing your neighbors and lighting up the grill, invitations can help set the right mood. Last summer a friend of mine had a party with a “classic cocktail” theme. They made Prohibition-era drinks, including the Manhattan, the classic Martini, and my personal favorite, the Cosmopolitan. It seemed kind of funny, but she loaded classic music from Glenn Miller, Billie Holiday, Harry James, Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman on her iPod (yes, classic music on a high-tech device) to help set the mood. It was a blast! She sent out these really cool party invitations from Shutterfly.com that looked like the menu was on a blackboard. Definitely cool! It was really a great time!
When I am having a summer party, it is all about the BBQ. I like to go beyond the basic “burgers and dogs” though and done something different on the grill. 
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I absolutely LOVE shellfish, so I learned how to do mussels on the grill. It sounds tricky, but it really isn’t and trust me when I tell you, it is sure to impress!
I also like making something summery for drinks in both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option. This summer I want to try these watermelon martinis from this recipe by Bobby Flay. For my non-alcoholic drink option, I want to try making this watermelon lemonade by Martha Stewart.
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No matter how you decide to have your summer party this year, just remember it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. What is most important is a good night’s weather and some good friends to match!

Do you like throwing parties?

What are your favorite kinds of parties? My favorite are definitely Christmas parties - no surprise here!

What are your best party planning tips?

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  1. I have new ideas for awesome nyc style birthday party, and it will help me to have a gala time with my beloved friends.


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