Jul 26, 2013

MyOatmeal.Com: Blend #2 Review!

I reviewed my first of two MyOatmeal.com blends the other day. What makes them really unique from other oatmeal companies is their Build Your Blend page, which takes the fro-yo model of build-whatever-you-want and applies it to breakfast!

Here's my review of the second entirely self-customized healthy oatmeal blend!

It's a seven step process to make a blend and their customer service reps are eager to help if you run into any bumps (which you probably won't, it really is quite straight forward). For details, check out my earlier review! Here's the quick version.

Step 1 - Choose a size. 

Step 2 - Choose your oats. 

Step 3 - Choose your flavor. 

Step 4 - Choose your fruits. 

Step 5 - Choose your sweetener. 

Step 6 - Choose nuts, seeds, etc. 

Step 7 - NAME IT! 

Pricing is a la carte, so you pay for what you get. It makes making a tasty bowl of oatmeal all the easier, since you can just add the liquid and apply your heat source, then let it finish itself. No need to stand over the stove, trying to figure out what to add. Nice!

Cookie Monster was my second blend. It was just as delicious as the first, if not more! I added PB Lean to this blend, which made it even creamier and richer.

The peanut butter flavor was intense. It was like a healthy bowlful of peanut butter kitchen sink cookies for breakfast. YUM.

What would you have in your ideal oatmeal blend?

What's your favorite kind of nut butter?

What's your favorite dried fruit?

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