Jul 30, 2013

MyOatmeal.com: PB Lean Review!

I reviewed two MyOatmeal.com blends last week and really enjoyed their customizable healthy oatmeal!

They also offer PB Lean, however, a peanut flour mix that you can also get as an add-in in your oatmeal mixes.

Healthy fat is really important, but if you've already had half a jar of peanut butter that day (shhhhhhh) and still want some more, your stomach might prefer a lighter alternative. Alternately, if you're flying and want peanut butter flavor on the plane (but TSA is cramping your style with its ban on liquids and creams) you can take some PB Lean along in a little jar, add some water, and it's a tasty sub.

I personally love it as a mix-in for smoothies or to use in cooking or baking. You can replace a little of the flour in the recipe with PB Lean for peanut flavor and a protein boost.

It's a light gold color and, in my opinion, looks and tastes more like actual peanut butter than most peanut flours out there. 

The texture is still, of course, different from regular peanut butter. Since some of the fat is removed and you're reconstituting the ground peanuts with water or milk, it won't have that same creamilicious mouthfeel or be as thick and sticky and satisfying. 

As long as you don't expect a direct 1:1 substitute (but why would you? Then eat peanut butter, fat isn't evil, it's necessary!) it's really enjoyable.

How do you use peanut flour?

What are your favorite healthy fats?

Do you add peanut butter or peanut flour to your smoothies?

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