Jul 22, 2013

MyOatmeal.com: A Unique Breakfast Experience

I love breakfast.

As in, I LOVE breakfast. It is more uncommon for me to not eat breakfast for dinner or lunch than it is for me to eat breakfast more than once a day. Breakfast foods are just so delicious! Cereal, bread, fruits, pancakes, etc.?


I've always been a big fan of cereal, especially tasty, hearty, whole grain varieties like sweet granola and muesli, but cooked oatmeal hasn't always been my favorite thing. When I first started blogging over a year ago, cooked oatmeal was the healthy living blogger food - probably starting with Kath's KERF oatmeal bowls, oatmeal became the new DIY fro-yo fun mix-and-match food.

But spending half an hour every morning trying to put together an interesting, tasty bowl of oats?

They may be packed with fiber, protein, and all sorts of whole grain goodness, but I have a life.

MyOatmeal.com is a new site that enables consumers to enjoy the same healthy oatmeal without the long morning routine!

What makes them really unique from other oatmeal companies is their Build Your Blend page, which takes the fro-yo model of build-whatever-you-want and applies it to breakfast!

I built two blends and tried their PB Lean also (their peanut flour mix, review to come) and today I'll review the first of the two blends that I made.

Building a blend is a fun, easy, seven step process and, handy for those with special nutritional requirements, you can track the nutrition of your blend as you work on it.

I found it to be a really straightforward process, but you can call the customer service number if you have any issues or questions (the number is big and bold on the site, they really like helping their customers have the best possible breakfast experience).

Step 1 - Choose a size. You can get small (1lb), medium (2.25lb), or jumbo (4lb) if you're really confident in your blend.

Step 2 - Choose your oats. They have a variety of different cuts of oats and blends of those, like steel cut oats, gluten free rolled oats, a 5 grain rolled oats & flax mix, and more!

Step 3 - Choose your flavor. All flavors are 100% natural and you can choose from a ton of amazing sounding flavors, like Black Forest Cake, Cake Batter, Old Fashioned Donut, English Toffee, etc. YUM!

Step 4 - Choose your fruits. Loads of dried fruits, YUM. Currants, raisins, tart cherries, dried blueberries, etc.!

Step 5 - Choose your sweetener. If you forget to add a sweetener and you have a flavor, they have a pop-up to remind you to make it sweet - the flavors don't taste right if you don't add sweetener. Your options are brown cane sugar, crystallized cane sugar, and splenda (so it's even diabetic friendly). I like that you get to choose, they let you completely customize your breakfast!

Step 6 - Choose nuts, seeds, etc. Cashews, macadamia nuts, their PB Lean, even chia seeds...lots of yummy nut add-ins! They know me well.

Step 7 - NAME IT! Naming things is fun, no?

Pricing is a la carte, so you pay for what you get. That's great, too, you can decide whether to splurge on lots of mix-ins or be more frugal and just stick to one of each!

Then when you want to make your oatmeal, just add milk (or water, if you don't like it creamy) and quickly cook it up over the stove or microwave. It turns being in charge of breakfast a long affair that leaves you feeling like this:

Into a happy-dappy part of your morning routine. Since all the yummies are already in the mix, you can just let it cook itself while you do that second (or third) outfit change or check your email!

My chocoholic blend was delicious - I chose to skip the sweetener on this one, so that I could add my own honey (I love drippy honey in oatmeal) and I knew I wouldn't forget. It was delicious and I loved the sweet strawberries with the rich chocolate flavor. Yum, yum, y um! It cooked up into a delightful bowl of fluffy oats, straight from the microwave.
How long does your morning routine last?

Do you do multiple outfit changes?

What would you have in your ideal oatmeal blend?

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