Jul 24, 2013

WIAW #97

This is a minimal words WIAW.

Peas and Crayons

My first visit to Juice Generation in NYC the other day, to try their Tropical Acai Bowl and Collard-Wrapped Enchiladas (ate them separately). 

The enchiladas were amazing and super filling, stuffed with a spiced nut mix.

The little strip of nori was a quite touch.

They also had a creamy dip (not dairy-based) that really played off the sharpness of the raw onions in the salsa well.

From a recent trip to Wilmington, my first visit to a Brrrberry.

Let it suffice to say that I'm in love. And that I probably put every single chocolate/nut/cereal/cookie/cracker topping that they had on there - and let's not forget the hot fudge and caramel.

Healthy is about balance! And chocolatey, frozen, ooey gooey indulgences are just as much a part of that healthy balance as fruits and veggies.

A yummy green smoothie - simple: a large frozen banana, almond milk, a handful of spinach, some ice, and honey.

Absolutely delicious and so refreshing.

That one isn't mine (I'm vegetarian and only 20 - no law-breaking with underage wine consumption here) but a recent trip to Wilmington, NC introduced me to the shrimp burger. A fun idea, no?

Back to my eats, I made cheezy pasta (vegan, above, made with Daiya wedges) and microwave peach cobbler (hidden under vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, below) the other day. I'll have to share the recipes for both. 

The cobbler was really impressive for something I made in under five minutes in the microwave.

What's still on your summer to-do list?

Which recipe should I post first?

What are you doing in the fall?


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