Aug 23, 2013

Best On Campus Jobs

The new school year is starting soon (or already has started, for some!) and that means it's time to start thinking about lots of things - what classes to take, who your new roommates might be, what the chances of getting a good TA are (or at least native English speakers), and how you're going to pay for all those books.

You know, to reduce the post-graduation debt burden.

In line with my last post about cool term-time jobs, here are some on-campus jobs that I recommend. I've worked some of these, but some of these are also jobs that friends have had and enjoyed. I hope it helps!

1) Library Student Work Position

I had the pleasure of working in one of Harvard's many magnificent libraries for almost two years, before scheduling issues meant I had to resign. It really is a great job because you learn how to navigate the library and you get first dibs on books - both super handy come exam time!

You also get to see a lot of books come in and out, so some interesting titles might catch your eye that you otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to. If you love books, it's a great job!

Haha, my life
Added bonus? On really slow days, you can either get to know your coworkers or do a little of your own reading, as long as you keep an eye out for library patrons.

2) Something in Dining

Whether you're working a register at a retail dining location on campus, serving food at a faculty dining facility (read: fancy-schmancy version of a dining hall), or working in a cafeteria, these positions often come with some tasty bonuses.

Free veritaffles? One can only dream.
If you're closing shift at a cafe, for example, you might get to take some day-old pastries home! Other positions often offer a free meal per shift or some sort of discount. Since you have to eat anyway if you want to be any kind of successful, it's a great way to earn money will simultaneously saving money on your grocery budget. Double win!

3) Flyering

One of the greatest things about flyering positions (aka, those jobs where you walk all around campus hanging up posters) is the flexibility. You'll often get a big stack of materials and a deadline, but when you actually do it is flexible as long as it's done before the deadline. So if you prefer to work in thirty minute intervals between classes and engagements, that's totally up to you!

Another great bonus is that you get fresh air and exercise (walking around putting up the posters) and that these jobs can sometimes serve as entries into more interesting, creatively demanding marketing positions. Positions that might even lead to something cool post-graduation!

4) Bartending

I had a friend who worked as a bartender and loved it. This job wouldn't be anything for me and it certainly requires a certain type of personality and sleep-wake schedule, but if you're a regular night owl and love partying, it's a very social job with lots of tip potential.

My friend loved being able to make up her own mixed drinks!

5) On-campus Representative

I'm a little wary of putting this one on the list, since these sorts of jobs are generally physically on-campus, but from off-campus employers. Still, if you're a very public person, a trend setter, or that kid that everyone knows, this could be a great job for you. Essentially, a company (say: Red Bull) pays you to represent them on campus, distribute flyers and ads, talk them up at events, and just generally be their face at on-campus events.

Polar bears, the mascot of Pfoho House, charging the yard at 8.30AM to deliver housing assignments to freshmen students
PfoHo Polar Bears at Harvard - not actually on-campus reps, just folks with way too much house (= Harvard version of dorms) pride. Especially for people who live in the Quad (=the land of far, far, faaar away)
This isn't a job for shy folks, but it can be a ton of fun for social butterflies - and a great way to get to know even more people!

The best way to find a job that speaks to you (though do bear in mind that the nature of the on-campus job is not one that is generally conducive to finding your dream job) is to contact the student employment office at your school. Many schools have online job databases with available positions. Talking to friends who work also never hurts, nor does going directly to a job (ie: the school library) and asking about employment opportunities.

Good luck!

What term-time job do you have?

How many hours do you work during the school year?

Have you had any of these jobs? Or do you have any to add to the list?


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog and I love reading it! Currently the job I have is as an assistant to the office manager in the ITS department. I worked 25 hours during summer and I'm working 19 hours this semester. Balancing school and work is crazy but it can be done =)

    1. Thanks, Nala - that's so kind of you to say, I'm so glad you enjoy my book! 19 hours on top of a full course schedule is quite a lot, but good for you for making it work!

  2. My son has found the perfect campus job - driving a laundry truck...this gives him an excuse to have his laundry done professionally.


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