Aug 3, 2013

Review: Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Bars

I love when my favorite brands are prolific, focusing on continued development and expanding their offerings rather than settling into contentedness with what they have. Quest Nutrition definitely gets an A+ for creativity and self-motivation.

The bars in their repertoire do very well and have obsessed fans (like me) but they don't let that stop them from constantly working on the next big thing and releasing new products every few months. And, impressively, they manage to create amazing flavors without a crazy long list of ingredients (I've seriously had bars before where the ingredients list literally wrapped around the bar).

My taste buds are still swooning from the Quest Cravings peanut butter cups that came out around last holiday season (they've also put out their very tasty chocolate chip cookie dough bars in the interim) and now they've released another decadent flavor: white chocolate raspberry.

I'm more of a dark chocolate than a white chocolate raspberry, but still - be still, my heart. I tried the first bite straight out of the package and really enjoyed it.

But then I microwaved the rest of the bar for 20-30 seconds and it was divine.

Remove from wrapper before microwaving, of course!
20-30, you ask? I put it in for 30 seconds, but by the time it had been in there for 10 seconds a delightful smell began to waft from the microwave, tantalizing my scent-based taste receptors and severely trying my patience and self-control.

Clearly, as always, the chocolate won and I lost patience before the 30 seconds were over.

There are actual chunks of white chocolate in there and a great raspberry flavor, staying true to Quest Nutrition's goal of making healthy snacks that actually taste like what they claim to taste like.

All without sacrificing their usual great nutritional stats (high fiber, high protein, low sugar, yum)!

Have you tried the new Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Bars?

What's your favorite bar?

Can you believe it's already August?


  1. I just tried my first WCR bar yesterday. I couldn't have reviewed it better myself!

  2. Aw, thanks Brittany! I'm totally kicking myself for being such a nice person and sharing my bars with curious friends & fam - now I'm all out and have a real hankering for one!


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