Aug 9, 2013

Summer Party Fashion!

There are those distinct moments when you realize that you're growing up. The milestones vary between individuals, but common ones include the first time you drive a car all by yourself, your first night in your own apartment, voting for the first time (and I hope you do vote!), etc.

I had another milestone last week - the first of my friends got married last weekend! In my mind, she's still the little girl with the awesome Lego set and the short hair.

Anyway, before this becomes all mushy-gushy-sentimental, here's a recap of my wedding party outfit.

wedding guest

Alice Olivia alice olivia dress
$375 -

Forever 21 perfume

All I can say is: SHOES.

What were some big 'whoa, I'm a grown-up' moments for you?

What's your favorite part of an outfit (shoes, top, skirt, etc.)?

What's the first piece you pick in an outfit?


  1. I always love shoes. It gives a simple outfit the power and the statement you needed to deliver.

    Style Reader

  2. It's such a strange thing when your friends start to get married and have kids! It's happening to me right now too and I feel so weird being totally, 100% single still. Oh well! Love this outfit. (:


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