Sep 14, 2013

3 Steps to a Healthy Semester

It's really easy to get caught up in the stress of the semester and the anxiety about doing everything right, especially as an upperclassmen. But anxious me isn't a fun me to be around and I'm willing to bet chocolate that anxious you isn't all that great, either.

I'm like that anyway, but it gets even more severe when I'm stressed. Patience = in the negative numbers.

In addition to how (un)pleasant anxious people are, being anxious isn't good for you health. Health is important and you don't want to 'succeed' now at the cost of your future health.

So I'm being super useful, again (you're welcome). Here are three handy steps to having a healthy, happy semester!

1) Remember no one gives a fig (or a prune).

Sometimes it seems like it's so important to do everything just right - to read and reread each chapter, to eat your veggies, to avoid the AM Krispy Kreme doughnuts run so that you don't have the following sugar crash and stay at peak productivity instead...but guess what?

You AREN'T the center of the universe. Shocker, I know. But since the earth revolves around the sun and not around you, you don't have to worry about upsetting the greater balance of the world if three Krispy Kreme doughnuts, instead of the ordinarily recommended oatmeal 'brain food,'  are breakfast sometimes. No one cares if you wear sweatpants two days in a row, so that you can get a little extra sleep, or if you don't consume any produce for a whole week (do fruity Skittles count?).

Just try not to make produce-less weeks every week, since no one's trying to bring rickets back, and do try to run a comb through your hair now and then. It's all about the balance. Don't take it all so seriously, life is to enjoy!

2) Don't forget your friends.

When your busy, the last thing you (or *cough, cough* me) want to do is have to meet up with friends for social events. Even going out for ice cream or watching a movie can seem like yet another thing you have to do.

But yes, you do have to do it. Busy times can often be stressful times and stressful times are exactly when you need the support of those who care about you.
Even if just to give you a reality check. Don't neglect your friends and (if they're good friends) they won't neglect you!

3) Take some 'me' time.

This one doesn't need much explanation, but it's a great way to keep some balance in your life and protect your mental health, even in the face of a thesis or job applications.

And no, time spent in your carrel in the library doesn't count.

Are you guilty of skipping any of the 3 steps?

What helps you when you're stressed?

What's the busiest time of the year for you?


  1. Love this! I think these are really important things to remember no matter how old you are. xoxo


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