Sep 7, 2013

5 Wacky College Majors You've Never Heard Of

The start of a new year in college always comes with introductions to new peers (and re-introductions to old peers, for the more forgetful among us). What's your name, where are you from, what dorm are you in, what's your major - we all know the questions in and out, even if they're so banal that we forget the answers within seconds.

Biology, Engineering, English, Economics, Mathematics, blah blah blah. In the spirit of the new semester, here are 5 wacky college majors you've never heard of!

1) Folklore & Mythology - Harvard University

Want a Harvard degree without the stress of endless labs and never-ending exams? Folklore & Mythology might be what you're looking for! If you're stressed after years of working your but off in high school to get in, you might find that this major (often cited as one of the easiest on campus, if not the easiest) is just for you!

Learning about Tangled for class? Yes, please!
Instead of delineations, Folk & Myth concentrators get to study the oral traditions of stories. Take classes like 'Hero and Trickster' and 'History of Witchcraft and Charm Magic' instead of organic chemistry and Systems Neuroscience! Sure, you might have a harder time finding a related job after graduation than your peers in other degree programs - but hey, it's a Harvard degree!

And all those unicorn wranglers and fairytale writers need a major, too.

2) Professional Nanny - Sullivan University

My European friends and family always make fun of the US for requiring degrees for all sorts of jobs that don't require degrees abroad (ex: secretary, nurse, etc.).

Instead of embracing a similar apprenticeship program and mitigating the country's student debt load, we like to boast high university attendance rates as a sign of a more egalitarian education system, where you don't need good grades or exceptional aptitude to go to college (anyone can get into college here, we differentiate instead by how good the schools you get into are). I, for one, am not pleased that college degrees are becoming the new high school degrees and graduate degrees the new college degrees.

What is with the societal trend to prolong adolescence, even when it means increasing debt loads for young people?

Kentucky's Sullivan University has taken it a step further, making babysitting yet another job you need a college degree.

Yup. And it isn't even April Fool's Day, guys.

The twelve month program allows even professional nannies to take part in the great American tradition of student debt, sharing the wealth (or lack thereof) further! As a part of the nanny program, you'll learn manners, how to talk to children, and how to understand family dynamics. As a graduate of the program, you'll probably be one of the more sought-after nannies in the area - that is, if your prospective employer can stop laughing.

3) Fermentation Sciences - Appalachian State University

Know a frat boy who couldn't be bothered to show up to lecture but was always certain to appear at even the slightest mention of beer pong? This is the major for him.

Yup, guys, you can major in beer.

I don't even know what else to say to this, so we'll move right along to the next one.

4) Pop Culture - Bowling Green State University

Are mom and dad bugging you to get a degree and do something with your life, but all you really want to do is watch Real Housewives reruns and see the E! special on Snooki and offspring? Bowling Green State University has you covered.

Would this pass as a research project?
Watch movies for class, read tabloids for homework - does it get much better than this? The university claims that job prospects after grad aren't too shabby, citing advertising, journalism, public relations, and library work as careers in which graduates of the program tend to thrive.

The cynic in me can't help but point out that many of those are fields in which, at least as recently as twenty or thirty years ago, no degree was necessary...

5) Sex - San Francisco State University

No, I'm not kidding. You actually can major in sex. Can you imagine telling your grandparents that over Thanksgiving dinner?

        Grandma: So, little Susie, what are you majoring in.

       Susie: Sex.

       Grandma: (Passes out into her mashed potatoes).

       Awkward silence.

       Susie's Parents: So, um, wasn't the weather lovely this fall?

Go figure that a Californian university is offering that one. But really, guys. What are the career prospects? Work in San Fernando Valley as the most educated fluffer ever?

Sometimes I just have to wonder about the state of our higher education system. Le sigh.

Anyway, have to go study now. You know, #biomajorproblems.

Sadly, there will be no unicorns in my homework...but at least I have pink glitter school supplies!

Walmart for the win.

What is/was your major?

What's the oddest major you've heard of? 

Where did you go to school?


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