Sep 9, 2013

A Peek in Iridessa's Wardrobe

I don't have a favorite Disney fairy yet, but they're all pretty great!

And they all have pretty great taste in fashion, I'm sure. But since sunflowers are my favorite flower, too (so obviously I'm secretly a light fairy), today's focus is on Iridessa.

If Iridessa lived in our world as a regular college student, I imagine she might wear some of the following outfits to lecture.

Iridessa 1

H M long sleeve knit sweater
€17 -

3 1 Phillip Lim short skirt
€170 -

TOMS slip on shoes
€58 -

Yellow purse
€45 -

Filigree ring
€62 -

R J Graziano stackable bracelet
€36 -

Cococare lip treatment
€0,90 -

Sun care
€5,98 -

Fairies are sun-smart and especially Iridessa, as a light fairy, knows how important skin protection can be. Even darker-skinned girls are vulnerable to skin damage from UV rays, so she's always sure to have her SPF 30 on. As for the lip balm?

Lord knows my lips are always chapped and chapped lips just don't go with a dewy fairy complexion.

Iridessa 2

Versace dress
€1.100 -

Hey Dude boat shoes
€44 -

Topshop handbag
€51 -

Komono rubber wrist watch
€34 -

Stud earrings
€3,73 -

Nail polish
€13 -

Though she likes to show skin as much as any of the other girls in Pixie Hollow, Dessa keeps it class-appropriate by balancing a short skirt with a looser fit and long sleeves. While dressing up for class can be fun, education is first and foremost - you don't want to be a distraction to yourself or others! 

Punctuality is another thing that's really important to this orderly, organized fairy. She relies on her neon watch to get her to class on time - which really means a few minutes early, since you have to set up your desk for note-taking! Comfy flats help with punctuality, too, as Dessa knows better than to teeter late into class. 

Iridessa 3

Fine Collection taupe top
€26 -

Related mid thigh skirt
€145 -

Charlotte Russe laced up shoes
€17 -

Off white handbag
€300 -

Alex Monroe flower earrings
€155 -

Jack Wills nail polish
€1,68 -

She's obviously a Harvard girl and winters in New England are not at all like the permanent spring in Pixie Hollow. She stays warm with a nice, thick coat, because there's nothing that will derail your studies more than being sick all the time! And even though it's functional, the cute cut and big buttons make it absolutely adorable.

But cute as these outfits are, her fairy wardrobe is way better. How can a wing-less outfit compete?

I bet the Fairies are some of the funnest (let's pretend that's a word) characters to play at Disney World. Have you ever wondered about the people in the costumes?


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