Sep 30, 2013

Love Life Lessons from Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana had one of the most convoluted love life progressions of any of the Disney Princesses.

Uninterested -> Unlucky -> Lucky -> Unlucky -> Lucky -> Very Lucky.

Okay, well, as complicated as movies that are targeted to largely under eight audiences can be.

From every step in her love life progression, there's a lesson to be learned! Let's walk through it together

1) Uninterested

Sometimes, you have to prioritize. Starting a successful business, the restaurant of her dreams, was more important to Tiana than dating, which I actually thought was pretty great.

But if you're spending all your time working, you can't expect to have your perfect Prince Charming just pop out of the blue while you're chugging away at the library or putting in sixty hour work weeks. Decide what you want, but then be ready to live with the consequences of your decision!

2) Unlucky

Don't go around kissing frogs and expecting princes. You're much more likely to end up with a bad taste in your mouth - or worse, if you're Princess Tiana! Being alone is better than being with just anyone.

Likewise, be careful of the company you keep. Hang out with frogs too often adn you might be swallowing flies before you know it, too!

3) Lucky 

If you're true to yourself and follow your heart, things will work themselves out. Don't drop your school plans for a boy, or change your personality for a boy, or stress too much about the fact that you're perpetually single (welcome to the club, we have ice cream to share).

You don't have to force love. If it's real, it has enough momentum of its own to make sure it makes it into your life.

You just have to make sure that you're open to it and not always elbow deep in dishwater!

4) Unlucky

Sometimes other commitments or considerations come up as a blockade to the fairytale happily-ever-after and the guy you thought was the one doesn't end up being the one that you get.

This is another reason why it's extremely important to (as per # 3, above) not give up your own dreams in pursuit of a happy-dappy relationship. Some boys (most boys) aren't forever!

5) Lucky

Things might not always work out the way that you planned them, or the way that you thought you wanted them, but you'll find that they might just work out in a way that can still make you very happy. Don't get too set on having things go exactly the way that you see them in your head!

6) Very Lucky

If you're a Disney princess, there will probably be just enough time between you realizing that things didn't turn out the way you expected/wanted for a catchy, but sentimental, musical interlude and you to have the above mentioned revelation (refer to #5). Then, ba-da-boom-ba-da-bing, you'll get exactly what you wanted all along - and more!

Because what's a Disney princess fairytale without a crown and some pixie dust? Putting a ring on it hasn't been enough since 1937.

Which of the 'new' Disney princesses do you like the best?

How excited are you for Frozen this winter?

How many more Disney princesses do you think there will be?


  1. So true about everything you said in this article! Belle has always been my favorite princess. I have no idea how many more Disney princess are coming out.


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