Sep 25, 2013

Oloves Love! A Review

Now that the fall semester is in full swing, I'm always appreciative of convenience items to make my life easier. Oloves is just that!

Sometimes I leave the house without knowing when exactly I'll be back, or when I'll be able to grab a snack. I always keep bars in my backpack for just that reason, but that means that some days (when I'm out and about a ton, so a ton of snacking is needed) that can mean that I need four or five bars! Fruit gets bruised easily, veggies need cooling and can't be stored in my backpack over weeks for convenience, yogurt needs a cooler pack, cereal is messy - it ends up needing to bars! I love bars, but it's nice to having something different now and then, especially as a different snack on a multi-bar day.

Oloves is perfect for filling that need!

I got to try three of their handy olive snack packs and three dips (perfect if you have a snack pack of crackers in your backpack)!

The hummus was nice and creamy and I loved that it featured just healthy, natural ingredients.

The black olive tapenade was new to me, but good!

I really liked the bruschetta, but think that one is better to enjoy it home with fresh bread, rather than on the go with crackers.

The Oloves olives were by far the best, however!

They were such a handy little snack and so tasty!

Unlike your usual olives, they're not packed in liquid and are thus mess-free. Even though the nutritional stats are broken down into two tiiiiiny servings, the values advertised on the front are for the whole packet. Which is good, because it's small and no normal person would bother eating just half the bag. It wouldn't even put a dent in the smallest appetite!

They're packed in a little oil (but not enough to make a mess or spill anywhere, just coating the olives and enhancing the flavor). I liked that they used a healthy, natural vegetable oil for that!

All three varieties tasted great and the Hot Chilli Mama wasn't too spicy, but my clear favorite was the Lemony Love.

They're such a great snack and so tangy and delicious. Yum, yum, yum!

I'm not even that huge of an olive fan (I don't like them on salad at all) but these convinced me that they can make a great snack!

Do you like olives?

Have you tried a tapenade before?

Do you prefer green or black olives?

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