Sep 27, 2013

So You Want A Job: Resume Bloopers

Taking life too seriously is no fun. Even when you're thinking about something as important as your entry into the job market, you can still have a little fun and stay light-hearted about the whole thing.

For everyone who's currently working on polishing up a resume to apply for jobs, here are some funny resume don'ts. Don't let any of these be you!

Spell, much?

People blog professionally? WHAT.
Accurate spelling isn't enough. Make sure you're also clear in your resume, because misunderstandings can be unfortunate.


Don't use colloquialisms (or profanity!) in your cover letter. Please.

Job Application Fail

Remember to target your resume distribution, guys, don't just send it to any and every company out there.

While it's great to leverage your networks when you're looking for a job, make sure you do so in an appropriate, tasteful way.

unemployed santa cartoon

That wouldn't be an appropriate way.

Sometimes things don't go in your favor and someone else gets the job. While you shouldn't let that make you feel bad about yourself, don't assume you didn't get the job because you're just too awesome. Or do assume it, if that's what your ego needs, but don't tell everyone that - whenever I hear that, my immediate reaction is to internally roll my eyes.

Right. And I'm not the Queen of England because I'm too royal.


If you do get the job, don't be lazy.

lazy worker fail

But don't worry, workers aren't the only ones making mistakes.

Maybe we could all benefit from some more spelling bees. 

Application Fail

As well as more realistic expectations.

Want Ad Fail

More realistic expectations, coupled with a better understanding of how math works, certainly wouldn't hurt.

Neither would a new recruitment manager at Pizza Hut.

Probably Bad News Extra

Something tells me the applications aren't pouring in. 

Hiring Fail

At least the competitor's recruitment efforts aren't going much better.

One can only hope, right?

What is the most exciting thing on your agenda week?

How often do you update your resume?

What's your ultimate career goal?

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