Oct 6, 2013

5 Ways to do Halloween on A Budget!

I know it's a little early for Halloween costumes, but I'm always a bit early to get excited about holidays. Summer break is lovely, and this summer was loads of fun, but there are no big holidays to get excited about.

Halloween definitely isn't even on the same register as Christmas, in my opinion, but after such a holiday drought I'll take what I can get. And others apparently feel the same way - there's an upward trend in the number of people that celebrate Halloween each year!

According the National Retail Foundation, however, Halloween spirit isn't the only thing that's increasing. Spending is increasing, as well, with the average consumer expected to spend around $79.82 on Halloween this year.

To help keep that Halloween spending in check (ie: save that money for the really awesome holidays, *cough, cough* Christmas), here are a few tips!

1) Start early.

One of the best ways to save money is often investing a bit of time in advance for forward planning. Keep an eye out in the ads for sales on candy and decorations! Even if you don't get the Sunday paper, lots of stores put their advertisements online these days.

funny coupon image
My face when Harris Teeter has triple coupon day!
2) Have a costume swap!

Meet with a few friends to swap Halloween costumes. The Wicked Witch of the West costume that they've worn three years and can't stomach the site of might just be exactly what you want to be this year! This option is not only budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly, but can also be a fun social activity. Turn it into a party with some holiday-themed snacks and music! Ghostbusters, anyone?

3) Give an old costume a facelift!

Sometimes you can find a new look in an old place - you don't even have to leave home for this one! Pick a costume from a few years ago and, with some imagination, a creative vision, and some new accessories (Party City has plenty of sales starting early and the Dollar Tree is also always a great Halloween option) you can turn an old favorite into a spooky new style!

Velma from Scooby-Doo
Some costumes might even come straight from your wardrobe!

4) Make your party potluck style!

If you're in charge of hosting this year (and maybe every year) don't let that mean that you have to deplete your funds. By asking each guest to bring something (have people sign up, so that everyone doesn't show up with the same thing) you save money, are less stressed, and get to try new treats!

5) Grow your own pumpkin!

Okay, so this one takes a bit more advance planning than just two months. But if you have some yard space, this can be a fun way to prepare for the holiday throughout the year - and gardening is a great way to teach kids appreciation of nature!

Kids gardening - boy holding big pumpkin
Isn't this adorable?
As you can see, there are plenty of intermediates between dropping huge sums on the holiday and going as a ghost (read: sheet with two eye holes cut out). You can have fun, show off your snazzy holiday style, and not break the bank!

What's the coolest Halloween costume you've ever had?

How do you save money on Halloween?

Trick-or-treating or a Halloween party - what's your plan this year?

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