Oct 18, 2013

Guest Post: Fashion "Necessities" and Accessories for Fall Weather

Hi guys! Since we all love shoes, I have a guest post here for you from Sole Provisions - enjoy!

Now that fall is here, a new season of fashion is upon us. This means that we have to substitute our summer wardrobe for something different. As is the case usually in fashion, accessories are just as important as the outfits themselves as they can be used to really bring a look together. Here are a few examples of accessories which have become essential for this fall season.

1. Dragonfly shoesEach season, there is a style for shoes which takes central stage and becomes the star of the lineup. This fall season, that style appears to be dragonfly shoes. This iridescent pattern is seen everywhere and many have likened its appearance with that of the dragonfly, hence the name. The best part about them is that they seem to go with a colorful and flashy outfit, but also with something a bit more tempered and muted in color.

2. Furry shoesOn occasion, fashion shows that it can have a sense of humor. That is the case now with many designers featuring furry additions to their fall lineups. Basically, any kind of accessory with a furry pom-pom or something similar is acceptable, but shoes seem to be the preferred choice. Also, faux fur also works for those who aren’t keen on wearing the real thing.
3. Lug-sole bootsThis is a blast from the past as lug-sole boots used to be popular in the mid 90s. Now it appears that they are back in style, for the moment at least. These do feature a twist on the classic designs by having a thinner block heel.

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Which is your favorite? I like the fun dragonfly shoes the best, I think! Though the Lug-sole ones (the bottom one in the photo) are the ones that I'm most likely to wear.


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