Oct 14, 2013

Into The World of Imagination: Hand-Crafted Italian VIVO Masks Review

Who's excited for Halloween? I am! My absolute favorite part of Halloween is dressing up - who doesn't love a fun costume?

I love fashion from all over the world and across all different time periods, so Halloween is a great time to try out different masks. I've always wanted to do a masquerade ball costume, but never quite gotten around to it. This will be there!

I got to review a VIVO Mask, which are hand-crafted masks from Italy that you can order through their little online boutique. There's free shipping to the USA and each mask is handmade with care! Too cool.

There are masks for every style, whether you're into ornate or simple, and for every occasion, whether it's Halloween, a performance, or any other dress-up occasion.

I love the fancy masks and I love that you can get them pretty affordably! Masks can cost hundreds of dollars, but they have an assortment of masks for $50 and under.

I ordered the Colombina Barocco Cavalli Gold Mask for $79 - it's not super cheap, but it's really ornate and the artisans do deserve living wages for such beautiful work!

Colombina Barocco Cavalli Gold

It arrived fairly quickly (approximately a week, I believe). It's 7x5 inches and  comes in a brown box in the mall, wrapped in a plastic bag.

I was surprised that it was just as gorgeous in reality as in the picture on their website.

I was surprised by how sturdy the mask was and just how breath-taking it was in person!

It comes with black satin ribbons to tie the mask on, which I really appreciated. Some masks come with just a stick, but I like it better when there's an option for just tying it on - so much more practical for a masquerade ball where you're dancing!

I just had one complaint.

One of the little gemstones had come off in the commute.

I only noticed after I threw out the box, so I wasn't able to recover the gem. I would thus recommend keeping the box until you've inspected the mask if you get one with gemstones. They should be pretty easy to glue back on.

But overall, I love the baroque style!

It's also so sturdy that, despite the gemstones (that might pop off over time) the mask should last for years!


Which mask do you like the best?

Have you ever been to a masquerade ball?

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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