Oct 2, 2013

Review: Hooray Puree Makes Veggies Easy!

My Hooray Puree experience started off on the wrong foot, as my Twitter followers know.

The company was very responsive and apologetic for accidentally not fulfilling my full order. Mistakes can happen to anyone, so I guess ultimately it's our responsibility as consumers to double check and make sure that we get everything that we pay for!

After that rocky beginning, however, it was all uphill. Hooray Puree makes pureed vegetables that are all-natural with no preservatives, no additives, and no food coloring. And now they're organic, too!
There are currently three varieties that you can order online - carrot, butternut squash, and spinach. They have sweet potato coming up soon, too! There are pictures of broccoli and cauliflower on the website, too, so maybe those are still to come? One can hope :)

There are two packets in a box and six boxes in a case, costing $24 (before shipping). That comes out to $2 per packet, which is certainly pretty pricy (especially considering that you can pick up a box of salad at the grocery store for $3.99). As a student, that prices me out for a staple product, unless they offered some sort of bulk purchase discount (like getting a certain percentage off if you order a certain number of cases). The convenience is undeniable, however.

The pureed veggies are perfect for mixing into casseroles, etc. - I actually ordered the spinach because I have a friend who said it's impossible to get her to eat greens and I wanted to try! My attempts with sneaking whole veggies into things was unsuccessful, but I finally made a tray of brownies the other day with the spinach puree and she loved them.

From the recipe section of their website, not mine

I know you could puree the spinach yourself in the blender, if you wanted to put in the time/effort/prep and clean up, but I've made recipes with self-pureed veggies before and you could definitely still taste the veggies (unlike with the Hooray Puree). That's probably only a good option if you have a VitaMix, but those are roughly a bazillion dollars.

Give or take.

I made same mac & cheese with butternut squash puree in them and the mac & cheese turned out super creamy and delicious!

From the recipe section of their website, not mine

And until you've added carrot puree to a microwave muffin, you haven't experienced convenient veggie breakfast bliss!

I'm sorry that I don't have my own recipe photos for you guys, as it took some recipe tweaking and a few runs to get anything to actually look good (though everything tasted good from the get-go) but I might order some more, when I have a bit extra saved up from my shifts at the library again, and post them for y'all.

Especially for parents (or babysitters/nannies!) of little kids with veggie aversions, these are a lifesaver! Even as a busy college student, these would be so handy, since veggies are delicious but take a little more time to prep than other veggies. I'd love to see if they could somehow make the product more affordable for students, but I understand that the production and packaging costs may keep that from being feasible, especially now that they're organic.

04 01 13 hooraypurée 1

The spinach ones are really awesome and I would love to see them try it with more greens. I'm thinking Kale, Dandelion Greens, Collards, etc. I know I would give them a try! At the moment, they're best to find online. They're supposedly in Whole Foods as well, but I haven't seen them in the local ones yet.

The sweet potato puree is great, but it's personally my least favorite, because I eat sweet potatoes all the time, anyway. I feel the same way about the butternut squash puree, since I love squash in the usual form and eat plenty enough of them already. Spinach is definitely the one of the current offerings that I think is best/most useful for me. The butternut squash puree is the easiest one to 'hide,' however, so that's probably the best for parents with very veggie-aversive kids.

Have you tried Hooray Puree?

What veggie would you want them to puree?

What are the convenience items you simply must have?

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