Oct 11, 2013

Review: Quest NEW Double Chocolate Chunk Bars

Quest Nutrition, the geniuses behind protein-packed Peanut Butter Cups, high fiber Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and the amazing White Chocolate Raspberry Bar, has a new bar out this month!


Double Chocolate Chunk, that is! Still with 20g of protein and free of junk, with low carbs and high protein making them a great 'fit' food, these bars are a great addition to the drool-worthy Quest Nutrition collection.

Seriously, guys, I think Quest Nutrition just might be my very favorite bar type out of all the many, many bars that I've reviewed. I love that there's no sugar crash, there's a crapton of protein and fiber, they don't have as much sugar as a chocolate bar, and (this one is most important) I just love the taste and texture of the bars.

I feel like they really hit the nail on the head with a lot of their flavors and like that there are multiple textures in some of their bars (since I'm not really a plain texture kind of girl). I love that they're amazing microwaved, baked, and at room temperature (I still need to try frozen) and are thus some of the most versatile bars out there.

Anyway, back to this specific bar - it's very similar, in a lot of ways, to Quest's Chocolate Brownie Bar, but I like it better.

They're both really chocolatey, but this one is a bit more chocolatey (though not with noticeable chocolate chunks in the same way as I enjoyed in the White Chocolate Raspberry Bar). Even though I prefer real brownies to real cookies (and am not really a double chocolate chunk cookie fan - more of a kitchen sink or white chocolate macadamia cookie fan) I prefer these bars to the Chocolate Brownie Bars. Both/all are delicious, though!

Have you tried Quest Bars?

If so, what is your favorite flavor?

What do you want them to make next? They made amazing peanut butter cups, do you think they could do the same for the Snickers-type bar? That would be pretty awesome! Or a twix style bar? Yes, please. 


  1. I'm not really a fan of their chocolate brownie bar (it tastes slightly artificial to me) so I've been hesitant about trying this one...maybe I should give it a chance though! I've heard lots of good things.
    Cookie Dough, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Apple Pie will always be my favorites...and Banana Nut Muffin too!

    1. I'd say try it - I thought the same thing and like this much better!


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